Wednesday, March 29, 2017

puppy fever

It has been nearly 3 months since we put Ozzy down and it took us all a little time to adjust to life without Oz and with just 1 dog. We were kind of on the fence about adding another dog to the mix as they are a lot of work and its hard to know the right answer. However, we left Rudy home for several days while we went skiing with Jeff's family and we came home to a freaked out, nervous dog. You can see marks by the door of where she was trying to escape. We knew we had to give her a friend. 

The puppy search was on. 

We found our match- she is a mini golden doodle. She will be about 35 pounds of pure love. She will be a little bigger than Rudy, I think it will be the perfect combo. 

This time instead of surprising the kids we told them about the puppy right away. So we could all share the excitement of what is to come. We are all trying to think of names and we are all counting down the days until we get to take her home. 

Right now our top 3 names are Roma, Hattie and Zuri. Roma is the favorite. 

We took the kids to visit her on Sunday. It was love at first sight. She is so sweet. We brought Rudy along and she wasn't sure what to think. It was fun. 

We pick her up for good on Monday, April 17th. 

Isaac showing Rudy the puppy

puppy love! if only we could talk them all

Anna and our girl


the kids and the pup

getting nice and close

Saturday, March 25, 2017

leprechaun fun run

I signed my whole crew of kids up for the fun run this morning. There was my crew and then 1 extra who was Isaac's friend, Dillon. The younger kids ran the 1/4 run- 1 time around the track. Isaac and Dillon did the 1 mile run- 4 times around. They had fun and did really well. Isaac got 3rd place in his group! 

Sullivan. Greta. Anna.

getting ready!


Dillon and Isaac

the racers!
Greta. Dillon. Isaac. Greta. Sullivan

racing with Anna cheering from the side

proud of this kid. 

adventures in babysitting

Suzie and Dave wanted to go to a concert out of town overnight. She asked if we could babysit and it worked with our schedule so we lined it up! We had all three kiddos from about 10am Friday morning to about 5pm on Saturday evening. We had so much fun and our schedule was jam packed! 

I went over to their house Friday morning to watch the girls before we picked Sullivan up from school and came to my house for naps. We picked my kids up from school and went to Barnes and Nobles- what an excursion! We had snacks and then everyone had to pick out toy! Ha! 

We came home to a dance party, soda maker, dinner and then a bubble bath. 

We went to bed late and I woke up this morning to Anna and Greta in bed with us. 

Jeff made pancakes and the went went to a fun run (different blog post) at O'Gorman. We came home for lunch, naps and playing until Suzie and Dave got home. Those kids did not want to go home. 

We had a great time but I am exhausted!

snacks after school
Sully. Isaac. Piper. Greta. Anna.

my crew

Anna and Piper

soda maker was a hit

bubble baths

Greta and Jeff sound asleep

Sweet Sabrina

We welcomed a new cousin to our family on Wednesday, March 22nd. A sweet little girl. My brother Sam and his wife, Shelley are the proud parents. She has a big brother, Hudson who is 11. Sabrina came 4 weeks early and she is so tiny and sweet. She weighed 5lbs 5oz and is 19 inches long. We are in love! 

can't get enough

checking her out

happy kids with their new cousin

1st day of spring

It was not the warmest first day of spring in our lives but we had fun walking and biking around our neighborhood. Anna is mastering biking on two wheels and Isaac is the scooter master. We wore Rudy out with a big walk. I love days spent like this. 

family selfie

water fight in march!

Omaha with the Johns family

Jeff and I took the kids on a quick overnight trip to Omaha to see some friends. We left Saturday morning and arrived after lunch. We watched basketball. The kids played. We went to the park. We grilled out. The kids watched movies. We had some drinks and just hung out. It was so much fun. We headed home Sunday mid morning. 

reading together

Joe. Jamie. Jeff. Me.

skiing with the boys

Jeff went to Montana a couple weeks ago to ski with some friends. 
There was a whole crew of them. 
They had a great time and great skiing conditions. 

Bozeman 2017

morning with the munces

Suzie had wanted help with Piper so she could take her older 2 to the play with Sullivan's preschool. Lucky for us, my kids had a break from school, too. Isaac and me stayed home with Piper while Suzie took Sully, Greta and Anna to the play. 

Isaac and I took Piper to gymnastics and had so much fun. It was so fun watching Piper and Isaac interact and play together. Usually when we are with those kids Isaac's attention is pulled away by the older kids. Piper was loving her time. Then about half way thru gymnastics and hanging with Piper he decided he was going to be on his own. He was running laps around the gym trying out all the equipment. I had to keep reminding him that he is the big kid here now and he needs to watch for all the little kids. How times have changed!

Suzie and the rest went to the play and then we all met at the pavilion for lunch and some play time. The kids had a great time and were very occupied. Our cousin Sara was in town from Minneapolis and she met up with us for a brief amount of time, too. 

Isaac and Piper in the pit

building dinosaurs. 

playing in the sand.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

sleepy kids

Anna got sick last week on my birthday. Every evening she would perk up and feel better. In the mornings she would wake up with a low grade temp. She was so sick of waking up feeling lousy she pretty much forced herself to go to school on Friday. This is how I found her when I got home after picking her up. 

On the other hand there is Isaac. The kiddo runs at a 10 from the minute he wakes up until the time he  goes to bed. I came into his room one morning to find him sound asleep like this. He is usually the first one up in our house so when I find him still sleeping it is rare. 


after school life. 

birthday surprise!

Suzie and I turned 37 last week and we had a little bowling get together the Sunday before our birthday since Jeff was going to be out of town. It was just another birthday gathering, in my eyes. However, Suzie had a little surprise up her sleeve. 

We came home from bowling and the whole family came over (besides my parents who are in California). Suz asked me to sit in the living room as she had a surprise and I was totally clueless. She walked into the living room with a big black balloon- still clueless. Then she got everyone together to explain what was going on. She had our results from our twin study.... identical or fraternal!?! We would soon find out. 

It was so fun, everyone was totally excited about it and chattering their thoughts. Then it came time to pop the balloon and once the results were exposed everyone cheered... identical! All white balloons meant we were identical. If they would have been multicolored it would have meant fraternal. 

It's crazy because all these years we have never known for sure. We always kind of assumed identical because everyone we meet tells us how much we look alike, talk alike, etc. But, whenever we would meet someone in the store or something and they would say, "are you sisters?" "Yes." "Are you twins?" "Yes." "Identical?" "We don't know." followed by a long confusing story- to random strangers. So now when we get asked we have a definite answer for all of it. I can't wait for the first person to ask..... we can proudly say, "yes, we are identical twins." I don't know why we waited so long to find out.... oh wait, yes I do. Because secretly inside we were always afraid that maybe we weren't identical. Which wouldn't really matter- but it would matter a little, deep down. So we waited and waited and waited for 37 years! 

Being a twin is pretty incredible. I am so lucky to get to share this life with my identical twin. What a great birthday surprise. Unforgettable. Thanks Suzie. 

Our kids think it's pretty incurable, too.

blowing out the candles with some helpers

before the ballon pop

here goes nothing

all white balloons!

Suz and I with our crew

happy day!

girl scout cookies for sale!

Girl Scout Cookies for sale!

Anna and I went to work at a booth at a grocery store in town the last week of girl scout cookie sales. Anna was nervous and quiet and timid at the start. She didn't want to do much. I tried to get outside and walk the sidewalk with our signs advertising the cookies and she just wanted to stay in behind the table. 

Fast forward about 20 minutes... she wanted to walk outside and advertise. She stood in front of the table and greeted the customers with a big smile and said her line, "last chance to buy girl scout cookies!" 

When we left, she told me just how much fun she had. 

Love her so darn much.


waiting for customers

telling about the cookies

last basketball game

Isaac and his team had their last basketball game of the season. It has been so fun watching this group of kids play together. This is the 3rd year they have been playing and they get so much better year after year.

Next sport for Isaac.... Soccer- it starts in a couple of weeks

St Michael 2nd grade basketball team

blake. drew. james. isaac. dillon. adam. nathan. rylan. paxton. jace