Tuesday, January 31, 2017

picnic lunch

Today we had our annual picnic lunch at school for Catholic Schools Week. It is really fun and the kids love it. It is fun this year with Anna in kindergarten so we can hang out with her friends and Isaac's crew. 

Anna and her friends

happy kids

Isaac and his buddy

Anna and Jeff

Isaac and me. 


We had another successful Caribbean vacation with friends this last week. 

After some flight complications we had to think fast on our feet to catch our flight to Aruba on Monday as planned. We ended up taking a 12 passenger limo and leaving Sioux Falls to Omaha Sunday evening at 11:30pm. It was a crazy ride... we were planning on getting some rest before our 5:30am flight out of Omaha and that did not happen. We were all excited.

We arrived in Aruba as planned and found the pool shortly after we checked into our room. 

On Tuesday we had another full day in the pool catching up with each other. 

On Wednesday we rented jeeps to cruise around the island. Little did we know it was a national holiday and the entire town was shut down and all the locals were on the roads cruising around and having parking lot parties and parades. So we spent a lot of time in traffic. It was still fun, though. We saw some of the good spots and ended up at the tip of the island having happy hour with an amazing sunset view. 

On Thursday we rented a catamaran for 3 hours to cruise along the shores of Aruba. We spent some time anchored so we could swim, hang out and swing from the rope. It was really fun. 

Friday we spent another day by the pool and then that evening we went down he beach to this awesome little pier bar where they they live music and appetizers. It was the perfect way to finish our week in paradise. 

Aruba does not disappoint. It is safe, small, easy to navigate and the weather is perfect. I want to take the kids there soon. 

Below are a bunch of pictures in no special order. 

bus ride to Omaha on Sunday evening

stacking rocks. A very popular activity in Aruba

appetizers and drinks at the pier bar by our hotel

gorgeous sunset after our day on the jeeps

Jeff on the rope swing

fun at the pool

more fun

Jeff and I

Mandy and I at the pier bar

baby beach

natural bridge

beautiful Aruba waves

boat ride

our group

the guys at the pier bar on our last evening

those sunsets

we love aruba

Sunday, January 22, 2017

reading together

I love catching these 2 reading together. 
Specifically, when Isaac is reading to Anna.... 


Packers vs Cowboys

We had another big football rivalry in our house when the Packers played the Cowboys in the playoffs. Anna was ready to go..... 

Friday, January 13, 2017

kitchen renovation.

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of living in our home this spring. I have been wanting to update our kitchen for quite some time. 

This was finally the year it happened. We basically did a little face lift. We painted the cabinets, lowered the bar behind the sink to countertop level, got new appliances (microwave, oven, gas range, and dishwasher), added a backsplash, painted, got a new sink, new table and am waiting for new window treatments I ordered today. 

I absolutely love it. 

It was pretty painless. It took us about exactly 6 weeks. Below are some before and after pictures. 

before facing kitchen from living room

after facing kitchen from living room

before facing the microwave and oven

after facing the oven and microwave

before facing the sink and raised bar

after facing sink and countertop
kitchen table before

kitchen table after

finished kitchen 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

rest in peace, oz

Jeff and I have known for several month that Ozzy's time with us was limited. He started aging fast the last several months.... really since about late June. We saw him take some downhill turns, then he would kind of pull himself out of it and be his old self. We also knew we didn't want him to suffer through another cold winter. 

His back legs didn't work all the time, he slept basically all day tucked away in the corner of our room, he couldn't see, he was confused. He would have been 15 next month... pretty good run. 

Jeff wanted to get through the holidays. So, we did. It was Tuesday morning, Jeff told me it was time... though it wasn't a shock, I was heartbroken. 

I knew we had to wait until the day before to tell the kids. He scheduled it for Friday morning. So our night to tell them the news was Thursday. Jeff went out and got Ozzy a steak dinner, we fed him hershey kisses for treats and gave him ice cream for dessert. He was more active on Thursday than he has been in weeks. Which made much harder. 

After dinner on Thursday we told the kids. They went from happy cheerful to uncontrollable sobs. Isaac kind of tucked into Jeff's armpit and buried his head and cried. I think he gets it. Anna sort of gets it but kept asking us why we were taking him away. She was begging for more time. We talked about how Ozzy would be with Hailey now and could see again and not be sore and old. We talked about the rainbow bridge. She cried and cried. It was so hard. I get emotional thinking about it. She fell asleep crying and woke up Friday morning crying. They both snuggled him so much Thursday night and Friday morning before Jeff took them to school. Saying their last goodbyes through tears. 

Jeff took the kids to school and came home and we took the dogs to the vet. We took Rudy along because we want her to know what is going on, too. Oz was his good old self the whole time. Rudy was busy and nonstop when we were there but once we put Ozzy down she got really calm and quiet. Our vet was so good. It's so hard. So so hard. 

Anna's teacher emailed me Friday afternoon to tell me that Anna shared with her class that her dog died. She cried when she told her class. It seriously breaks my heart. 

I was telling my mom Friday afternoon that it's hard to see your kids upset about normal things, like a scrape or someone not sharing with them, etc. But it's a whole different experience seeing your kids truly heartbroken. We were all heartbroken. We are trying to be the brave parents but we would break down with them. They are old enough to understand whats going on. 

At least once a day one of them tells me they miss Ozzy. We are all missing him so much. 

I am not sure what's in store for the future. We know we want to get Rudy a friend. She is sad. The first night without Ozzy she slept under our bed- which she never does. So, time will tell. Until then, our hearts are healing from the loss of our sweet pup. 

Friday evening Jeff wanted to go out to celebrate Ozzy and to get out of the house. Isaac chose HuHot. It was justwhat we needed. Love my family. 

Rest in peace, Oz. 

last pic of our family with oz
(anna's sad smile)


Jeff and oz
family slumber party on Oz's last night

Friday morning snuggles. So sad

Saying his last goodbyes before school on Friday

Anna saying her last goodbye before school

heading to the vet. trying to be positive

noodle crazy. celebrating oz. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Anna lost her first tooth!

While we were at the hunting lodge for New Years Anna was in the other room opening a snack with her teeth and somehow she lost her tooth. She rushed into the room where I was holding her tooth and was freaking out.... so excited! 

So, quite the story for losing her first tooth. 

I see a hole....

Christmas break

This morning while taking the kids to school we were talking about what we did over Christmas break. The time flew by and we were very busy. We spent time ice skating, going to the movie with friends, Christmas, basketball games, cousin time, and New Years at the hunting lodge. My dad picked Isaac up 2-3 days to take him skating, golfing and to the YMCA. So thanks to my dad for keeping him very busy before he went off to California. 

still on his same skates he has owned since he was 16!
Those skate are 60 years old.

skating with these 2

Jeff stopped by

sleeping in and snuggling

basketball games at the corn palace

water boy

New Year scavenger hunt

New Years celebration.