Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soccer Tournament in Mpls

Isaac had his first traveling soccer experience last weekend. We went to Minneapolis where he played 3 games. It was a hot one! He played one game on Saturday afternoon and my aunt Patty was able to come watch. His other 2 games were on Sunday morning and again at 1pm. 

Capri was also playing in the tournament so we all stayed at the same hotel. And went to each others games.  

After their games the kids swam and played with all their friends from the team. They had a kickball game outside in the back and spent some time in the hotel fitness center working out. Mandy and I went and hit some shops. 

Isaac played his heart out in all 3 games. It was so fun to watch him and his team. Isaac scored 2 points and was aggressive and alert and totally zoned in.

We can't wait for his next and last tournament of the year- a couple weeks in Fargo. 

little sisters- little cheerleaders

Isaac and Anna with my Aunt Patty

Isaac and Charlie.
Charlie's mom grew up 2 doors down from me and was my best childhood friend.
Its so fun to see these boys become friends through soccer and guitar. 

Anna and Jeff cheering for Capri

Owen and Isaac watching Capri

soccer stars
Capri and Isaac

pure exhaustion after his weekend