Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day

I had the perfect Mother's Day weekend. It lasted the whole weekend, not just on Sunday. 

We spent most of our weekend at the soccer fields watching Isaac play in his first soccer tournament. He had so much fun and loved being out there. He is growing up way too fast. 

Then we rode bikes down to B & G for ice cream. On our way down there we stopped at the park and ran into some friends so we all went together for ice cream. It was a really good evening. 

On our way home from ice cream we stopped and looked for flowers. Jeff had his pick up so he was able to take our stuff home. He brought his pick up for Anna as we assumed riding home would be too far. We were wrong. Just kept right up with us and made it all the way there and back. She is growing up way too fast. 

I love my crew. 

flower shop

soccer games

bike rides