Monday, May 29, 2017

California 2017

The day after the last day of school Jeff and I took the kids to California to kick off summer and enjoy our time together. We didn't have too much planned for our week except a day with the Belitz Family and one night at Legoland Hotel.

We arrived on Saturday evening and got organized and settled.

My friend and her family came from Huntington Beach area for the day on Sunday. We spent the whole day at the beach and pool. It was perfect.

On Monday the kids and I ventured around Coronado in the morning. We had lunch and then went to the pool. Jeff joined us at the pool in the afternoon- he worked most of the day. Sunday evening we went to dinner at the Coronado Brewery. That evening after dinner Isaac and I went for a walk on the beach. It was great time together.

On Tuesday we just hung out in the morning and then we went to Carlsbad to Legoland that afternoon. We actually connected with some school friends who were there on vacation as well. So we spent the night at the hotel and it was fun. Wednesday we spent the whole day with our friends at Legoland.

On Thursday morning the weather wasn't the best so while Jeff worked I took the kids to the Children's Museum in San Diego. That afternoon when it warmed up we rented bikes for the afternoon. We found some little Coronado secrets along the way. It was really fun. After dinner we took the kids to the hot tub for some night swimming- they LOVED it. We couldn't get them out of there.

Friday was another beach and pool day. We walked down to the dog beach. It was fun even though we learned that Anna is freaked out by clams and seashells. She hated walking on them. However, she loved doing cartwheels every chance she could- on the beach. The kids loved the dog beach. There was this 5 month old newfy who jumped all over them. They were full of giggles. We walked back to the condo after the dog beach and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Friday night after dinner we went to ice cream at Moo Time then home for the night.

Saturday morning we went and hit a few of the shops before heading back for our last day of beach and pool time. We were at the beach for about an hour and then the kids swam for like 3-4 hours Saturday afternoon. We went up to the condo for dinner and some packing. We promised the kids we would take them night swimming again so we took them one more time. They loved it. Nonstop- we were down there for at least another hour.

It was a great week. My favorite time is family time with my crew.

My travel buddy

Jeff and Anna on the plane

clams everywhere. They were moving after the high tide

Jeff and I 

seashell hunting

Oliver and Belitz crew

Burke. Isaac. Blake. Anna. Bryn.


Sarah and I 

Sunset walks with this kid

love him

Legoland beers with Denise

Oliver and Allex Family take on Legoland


Ella and Anna with the Legoland friends

Ella. Isaac. Anna. Blake. with Emmett

San Diego Children's Museum

family selfie bike rides

secret park in Coronado

bike riding crew

Cartwheels on the beach

walking to the dog beach




Moo Time!


digging in the sand... always 

beach babes!

Isaac fell asleep on her.

Coronado love