Tuesday, April 4, 2017

specialty day

A few months back I was asked by the school secretary if I would be willing to help and run specialty day at school. I was hesitant to take this on as I had never been to school on specialty day and didn't totally know the drill. After talking with her a little bit I agreed that this is something I could help with. 

There were all kinds of different activities for the kids to pick from- sports, the police, humane society, crafts, making slime, candy bouquets, karate, ect. I just had to call a bunch of these types of people and invite them to our school Thankfully, most people were very excited to come. I also went ahead and volunteered Jeff to come for Burger King!

The kindergarteners (Anna) had their 3 sessions pre picked so that was easy enough. One session was the police, the second was karate and the third was Spanish. 

The rest of the school got to pick their 3 activities. 6th graders went first and on down to 1st graders picked last. 

Of course, Isaac picked Burger King for one session. The other 2 were football and basketball- no surprise. He said his favorite session was Burger King. Jeff brought in several buns and whopper wrappers and taught the kids how to wrap burgers and whoppers. Then they had a competition to see who could do it the fastest. He finished off by giving them coupons for free ice cream cones and they each got a pie. 

Anna can't wait until she is in 1st grade because she wants her sessions to be gymnastics, cheerleading and Burger King- I may have just gotten Jeff hooked to this activity for the next few years! 

Anna's class checking out the police car

Jeff talking about Burger King.