Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday, Isaac!

Isaac turned 9 (!) on Saturday, April 1st. How did that happen? 

Last year he had a mega big party with friends galore so this year we opted to just do something small. He invited a couple friends over for pizza, cake and the arcade. It was good- a couple hiccups- which is to be expected. 

Since his actual Birthday is on April foods Jeff, Anna and I decided to have a little fun and play some tricks on the boys. The first one came while they were all playing downstairs before bedtime. I snuck down into the window well from outside and knocked on the window. As they came upstair screaming Jeff was at the bottom of the steps and jumped out and scared them. They were freaked out! It was hilarious. 

The second prank came when they were watching a movie Jeff came down in his Chewbacca costume and scared them, again. 

The final prank came Saturday morning. We made the kids M and M pancakes. Instead of using the M and M's we used sour skittles. 

The boys had fun. They didn't want to leave on Saturday so they spent most the day at our house before taking them home. 

On Sunday we had our family birthday. It was so fun and the kids all got along really well. It was the first time since baby Sabrina was born that we were all together so we took a big cousin picture. All 10 cousins!

Isaac... my Isaac. I can't believe he 9! He is such a great kid. Adaptable to most situations. His favorite things are sports, sports, sports, x box, nintendo, cousins, neighbors, friends, sister, mom, dad, sports, family, seahawks, rudy, etc. I honestly hit the jackpot when it comes to having boys. He is the everything I could have ever imagined and more. 

Thanks to Suzie for making both of his birthday cakes!

friend celebration

2 of his favorite friends Elijah and Nathan. 

Tickets and fun!

Jeff went missing... should have known where to find him.
mrs pacman

april fools jokes

birthday fun

family birthday picture

happy kid

10 Connelly grandkids.
Owen (13). greta (3). Isaac (9). Hudson (11). Sabrina (1 week).
Sullivan (4). Capri (9). Piper (1). Sophia (16). Anna (6).