Saturday, March 25, 2017

morning with the munces

Suzie had wanted help with Piper so she could take her older 2 to the play with Sullivan's preschool. Lucky for us, my kids had a break from school, too. Isaac and me stayed home with Piper while Suzie took Sully, Greta and Anna to the play. 

Isaac and I took Piper to gymnastics and had so much fun. It was so fun watching Piper and Isaac interact and play together. Usually when we are with those kids Isaac's attention is pulled away by the older kids. Piper was loving her time. Then about half way thru gymnastics and hanging with Piper he decided he was going to be on his own. He was running laps around the gym trying out all the equipment. I had to keep reminding him that he is the big kid here now and he needs to watch for all the little kids. How times have changed!

Suzie and the rest went to the play and then we all met at the pavilion for lunch and some play time. The kids had a great time and were very occupied. Our cousin Sara was in town from Minneapolis and she met up with us for a brief amount of time, too. 

Isaac and Piper in the pit

building dinosaurs. 

playing in the sand.