Sunday, March 12, 2017

birthday surprise!

Suzie and I turned 37 last week and we had a little bowling get together the Sunday before our birthday since Jeff was going to be out of town. It was just another birthday gathering, in my eyes. However, Suzie had a little surprise up her sleeve. 

We came home from bowling and the whole family came over (besides my parents who are in California). Suz asked me to sit in the living room as she had a surprise and I was totally clueless. She walked into the living room with a big black balloon- still clueless. Then she got everyone together to explain what was going on. She had our results from our twin study.... identical or fraternal!?! We would soon find out. 

It was so fun, everyone was totally excited about it and chattering their thoughts. Then it came time to pop the balloon and once the results were exposed everyone cheered... identical! All white balloons meant we were identical. If they would have been multicolored it would have meant fraternal. 

It's crazy because all these years we have never known for sure. We always kind of assumed identical because everyone we meet tells us how much we look alike, talk alike, etc. But, whenever we would meet someone in the store or something and they would say, "are you sisters?" "Yes." "Are you twins?" "Yes." "Identical?" "We don't know." followed by a long confusing story- to random strangers. So now when we get asked we have a definite answer for all of it. I can't wait for the first person to ask..... we can proudly say, "yes, we are identical twins." I don't know why we waited so long to find out.... oh wait, yes I do. Because secretly inside we were always afraid that maybe we weren't identical. Which wouldn't really matter- but it would matter a little, deep down. So we waited and waited and waited for 37 years! 

Being a twin is pretty incredible. I am so lucky to get to share this life with my identical twin. What a great birthday surprise. Unforgettable. Thanks Suzie. 

Our kids think it's pretty incurable, too.

blowing out the candles with some helpers

before the ballon pop

here goes nothing

all white balloons!

Suz and I with our crew

happy day!