Saturday, March 25, 2017

adventures in babysitting

Suzie and Dave wanted to go to a concert out of town overnight. She asked if we could babysit and it worked with our schedule so we lined it up! We had all three kiddos from about 10am Friday morning to about 5pm on Saturday evening. We had so much fun and our schedule was jam packed! 

I went over to their house Friday morning to watch the girls before we picked Sullivan up from school and came to my house for naps. We picked my kids up from school and went to Barnes and Nobles- what an excursion! We had snacks and then everyone had to pick out toy! Ha! 

We came home to a dance party, soda maker, dinner and then a bubble bath. 

We went to bed late and I woke up this morning to Anna and Greta in bed with us. 

Jeff made pancakes and the went went to a fun run (different blog post) at O'Gorman. We came home for lunch, naps and playing until Suzie and Dave got home. Those kids did not want to go home. 

We had a great time but I am exhausted!

snacks after school
Sully. Isaac. Piper. Greta. Anna.

my crew

Anna and Piper

soda maker was a hit

bubble baths

Greta and Jeff sound asleep