Wednesday, February 22, 2017

fun in Utah

We just returned home from a great trip with Jeff's family to Utah. We met John, Linda, Jack, Patricia, Jaxson, Jace and Jordyn there during Presidents break. From the moment we landed and got to the mountain the kids were in for fun. They went tubing, skiing, ice skating, swimming, shopping, etc. There was a kids area at our hotel the boys hung out at quite a bit.

Anna did one day of ski school while Isaac skied with the guys. Another day I skied with Jeff, Anna and Isaac. It was a really fun day. It's so much fun watching the kids get better and better and have giant smiles on their faces. I know Jeff's loves every moment he has with them on the mountain sharing one of his favorite sports with his kids (and wife). 

We had so much fun spending time with Jack and Patricia's kids. We don't see each other often enough. But whenever the kids get together they just pick up right where they left off. Little Jordyn is 2 and was loving Anna so much. It was darling. Jace is growing up and wants to be with the big boys. And Jaxson and Isaac are the best of buddies. They truly have a special relationship. 

We had a great time spending time with John and Linda as well. We haven't seen them since last fall so it's fun to catch up and hang out. We are thankful for them to go to the efforts to get us all together since we are spread apart around the country. 

Our last day we stayed in Salt Lake City and took the kids to Temple Square. It was fun and educational. 

I love family time. 

There are a bunch of pictures below- in no particular order.... enjoy!

lunch break during our ski day

Ice skating with Anna

Isaac Jaxson and Anna after a day of skiing

my ice skating crew
Anna. Me. Jace. Isaac

Jeff and Anna on the chair lift

the whole crew
Me. Jeff. Anna. Linda. Jordyn. Isaac. John. Jaxson. Patricia. Jace. Jack

Sweetest cousins
Jaxson (9). Isaac (8). Jace (4). Jordyn (2). Anna (6)

sweet treat

more ice skating

Isaac and Jace

Isaac and Jaxson skiing

reading to Jordyn

Anna wearing her hair like the ski school teachers


Jeff and Anna


riding up the chair lift with my crew

my crew

drinks at the No Name bar

snow day!

Temple Square

Salt Lake City temple

Anna lost her tooth!

having fun togeher

on our flight home they wanted to sit together so jeff and I sat behind them.
no complaints.