Friday, January 13, 2017

kitchen renovation.

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of living in our home this spring. I have been wanting to update our kitchen for quite some time. 

This was finally the year it happened. We basically did a little face lift. We painted the cabinets, lowered the bar behind the sink to countertop level, got new appliances (microwave, oven, gas range, and dishwasher), added a backsplash, painted, got a new sink, new table and am waiting for new window treatments I ordered today. 

I absolutely love it. 

It was pretty painless. It took us about exactly 6 weeks. Below are some before and after pictures. 

before facing kitchen from living room

after facing kitchen from living room

before facing the microwave and oven

after facing the oven and microwave

before facing the sink and raised bar

after facing sink and countertop
kitchen table before

kitchen table after

finished kitchen