Tuesday, January 31, 2017


We had another successful Caribbean vacation with friends this last week. 

After some flight complications we had to think fast on our feet to catch our flight to Aruba on Monday as planned. We ended up taking a 12 passenger limo and leaving Sioux Falls to Omaha Sunday evening at 11:30pm. It was a crazy ride... we were planning on getting some rest before our 5:30am flight out of Omaha and that did not happen. We were all excited.

We arrived in Aruba as planned and found the pool shortly after we checked into our room. 

On Tuesday we had another full day in the pool catching up with each other. 

On Wednesday we rented jeeps to cruise around the island. Little did we know it was a national holiday and the entire town was shut down and all the locals were on the roads cruising around and having parking lot parties and parades. So we spent a lot of time in traffic. It was still fun, though. We saw some of the good spots and ended up at the tip of the island having happy hour with an amazing sunset view. 

On Thursday we rented a catamaran for 3 hours to cruise along the shores of Aruba. We spent some time anchored so we could swim, hang out and swing from the rope. It was really fun. 

Friday we spent another day by the pool and then that evening we went down he beach to this awesome little pier bar where they they live music and appetizers. It was the perfect way to finish our week in paradise. 

Aruba does not disappoint. It is safe, small, easy to navigate and the weather is perfect. I want to take the kids there soon. 

Below are a bunch of pictures in no special order. 

bus ride to Omaha on Sunday evening

stacking rocks. A very popular activity in Aruba

appetizers and drinks at the pier bar by our hotel

gorgeous sunset after our day on the jeeps

Jeff on the rope swing

fun at the pool

more fun

Jeff and I

Mandy and I at the pier bar

baby beach

natural bridge

beautiful Aruba waves

boat ride

our group

the guys at the pier bar on our last evening

those sunsets

we love aruba