Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We did Halloween a little different this year... and I am going with it. 

It was not in our plans as I just figured we would eat dinner and Jeff would take the kids out and then I would take a turn. But, when we were eating dinner I had a text from a friend inviting Isaac to go with them and some other kids and then I took her daughter who is in Anna's class. So the girls went with Jeff and then me for a little bit and the boys went at her house. 

It was fun. 

Freezing, but fun!



Isaac and friends

Anna and her friend

Chewie and the donut

Cowboy/Cowgirl day at school

Sweetest cowgirl and cowboy, ever

Family photos 2017

Suzie took some quick family photos of us a couple of weeks ago at Palisades park. It was gorgeous and we all cooperated! Even the dogs. 

Isaac 9. Maggie 37. Jeff 43. Anna 6. Roma 9 months. Rudy 2. 

Pumpkin decorating

We have had plenty of fun this fall decorating pumpkins and decorating the house. 

Anna made it her mission for our house to look more like Halloween this year. I told her she is in charge of decorating from now on!

Isaac and some of his buddies decorating pumpkins

good which


more carving

bringing up the gifts

When Isaac and Anna's class had their turn at doing church they both brought up gifts as their job. They were both excited. They both did a great job. 

Flag Football

The kids had a great year of flag football! They were playing in the competitive league with 3rd and 4th graders and our team had all 3rd graders except for 2 kids. They ended up getting 3rd place after a really awesome final game! They all played so well and had so much fun. Jeff had a great time coaching, too! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

scary stuff

Last week at flag football. It was the last play of the game and Isaac had a bad collision. I didn't see the play so didn't really think much of it. He was down on the field and eventually got up and looked pretty white and pretty shocked. 

We loaded up and went home. 

After we got home and were winding down for the night I kept getting texts from the coaches asking how he was doing- Jeff was out of town. I started paying closer attention to him and noticed he wasn't acting like himself. He was totally zoned out and spacey. 

I started to get freaked out and nervous and didn't know what to do. The other dads told me if it was their child they would take them in to get checked out- panic mode. 

I called my brother and he came right over to hang with Anna (who had fallen asleep). Isaac and I made our way to the ER to get checked out. 

They asked us a bunch of questions and did some assessments. We ended up not doing a CT scan and headed home to see how the night would go. The did diagnose him as having a mild concussion.

He did stay home from school the next day. His headaches went from a 4 Monday evening (day of the accident), to a 5 on Tuesday to a 2 on Wednesday. 

We went in for a recheck with our family doc who told him to take it easy for the rest of the week. No gym, no sports or rough playing at recess, etc. After today we can ease back into life. 

It has been hard not playing hard as he is the kid who loves all things sports at every opportunity. 

I think we have him on the mend. But it was a major wake up call and I'm safe to say it scared the crap out of all of us. 

getting checked over in the ER

Chicago Weekend

Suz, Dave, Jeff and I went to Chicago for the weekend to see the play, Hamilton. 

What started out as a plan to take the girls to Minneapolis turning into a dual family vacation to Minneapolis turned into an adults only trip to Minneapolis and then a adults trip to Chicago and then the idea of Hamilton appeared. 

We were hoping to go with more siblings and parents but the stars didn't align so it was our group of 4. We had a great time. It was a quick trip but we made the most of it. 

On Friday night we went to dinner and had drinks at the Chicago Athletic Club- at this place called the Game Room and then went to the bar on the top floor called Lucy's for drinks. It was really fun. 

Saturday morning we went for a Segway tour around Chicago which was really fun. After the tour we  checked out the Bean and then had lunch. We shopped around for a little bit before going back to the hotel to freshen up for the play. 

Suzie and I both downloaded the soundtrack to Hamilton to get aquatinted with the lyrics as I had heard it moves really fast. We were both obsessed with the music and were so excited for the play. It did not disappoint. It was incredible. I hope I can someday go to it again... with my kids. 

Sunday we came home early so we could be with the kids. 

It was a really fun weekend! I look forward to doing it again, soon. 

Segway tour

JJ and I being tourists


the bean

more bean


ready for a night out!

Cheering on Sophia

Its been quite the year for Sophia and her soccer team. They were ranked 8th in the state but kept winning playoff games to make it to the final game! We went to a couple games and every time we went Isaac begged to go to the next. We did what we could. 

She made it to the finals and I was going to be out of town so she caught a ride with Alex, Mandy and Capri to go all the way to Aberdeen. They came in 2nd but what a fun run!

A bunch of us were able to go to one of her playoff games in Brandon and it was so intense. It ended up going into a shootout to see who would win. OG won it! So crazy! 

We have had so much cheering Sophia on all these years playing soccer. I can't even believe she is a senior! She has plans to play at Augie next year so we can go cheer her on over there, too!

State championship game

Isaac and Owen

Piper and Capri

Lady Knights

Isaac and Capri

Saturday, September 30, 2017


A friend of mine from school told me about this awesome pumpkin patch. We thought we would give it a shot. We were totally impressed. So many pumpkin options and the prices were right, too. 

It will definitely become our new go to place for our pumpkins year after year

Picture Day!

I mean, melt my heart. How cute are these 2? 

Isaac- 3rd grade

Anna- 1st grade

my new gig

I have been wanting to work at Weight Watchers for a while and it all kind of fell into place over the last 4 months. I started helping out by being a receptionist to fill in for meetings while other receptionists were away over the summer. A couple of weeks ago I went to Chicago for training to become a leader.... yikes! A leader! To lead the meetings... totally out of my comfort zone. 

I have a few under my belt with more to come and more regularly. I'm nervous but I am also anxious to get more practice so I feel more confident. 

Below is a photo of me an amazing leader coach and my leader, Pam

I am really stretching myself!

With the support of my family I am excited for this new role. 

Date night to Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks recently did 9 shows in Sioux Falls, yep- 9! Jeff and I went to the last show. 

It was amazing!

Date Night

grandparents day

We had another successful grandparents day at school a couple weeks ago. It is one of the kids favorite days of the year. They have a special mass and then the grandparents play bingo with the kids and have coffee/juice/water and popcorn. 

Look at those smiles

grandpa Paul with Anna

grandma Mary with Isaac

Dakota Bowl

It was a really fun year at the Dakota Bowl! We tailgated with a bunch of other 3rd grade families and the kids had so much fun. The boys did football camp and the girls did cheer camp. 

It is one of our favorite traditions. 

3rd grade boys

Anna at cheer camp

1st grade girls


Isaac and Anna with Sophia who is a senior!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Last weekend at the lake

We went to the lake on Sunday morning after the Dakota Bowl for a couple last days before John and Linda leave for Arizona. 

Joe, Amy, Ellie and her cousin Grace were there for a few hours when we got there on Sunday. They left mid afternoon. It was fun to have them around for a couple of hours before they went back to Des Moines. 

We ended up connecting with one of Isaac's school buddies on Sunday evening and he stayed overnight with us and hung out until we came home on Monday. It was a chilly morning but they had fun tubing and swimming and jet skiing. 

Anna contitues to be the cannon ball queen. She rocks it. 

It was hard to say goodbye to John and Linda. Hard to believe another summer season is over. We all had such a great time at the lake this summer. The kids both got so much better at swimming and spent hours in the lake. They always have so much fun with their grandparents. Thanks John and Linda for all you do for us to make our summer so memorable at the lake. 

cannon ball queen

Isaac and Anna with their grandparents

Isaac and his buddy Nathan going tubing

wrong size underwear, dude.