Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thank you notes

At the end of the school year I ask my kids to write a thank you note to their teachers. They both love their teachers so much and are sad to say goodbye to them. Anna gets really emotional when she thinks about leaving her teacher for the summer. I am sad for them but also excited for their future. 

Before I put their thank you notes in their folder I took a quick picture for my keepsake. 

Anna's note

Isaac's note

Ice Skating

The whole school (minus the kindergarteners and the preschoolers) went ice skating since they reached their goal from their school fundraiser. I drove 4 kids there and hung around while they skated. It was a fun outing......

2 days until summer!

Isaac and some of his friends

field day

The kids have field days on different days because of their ages. Kindergarten and 1st have it one day at school and then 2nd thru 6th have it the next day at a nearby park. 

I went to cheer Anna on with her class and it was really fun. They all cheered each other on and were really into it. They had to do their activities in the school because it was too wet from the rain. Anna is such a team player. 

The next day I helped work at Isaac's at the park. A friend and I ran the scooter races. It was fun. All the kids had a great time, too. I am proud of all the kids. 

kindergarteners and their treat

scooter racing

2nd graders

Mother's Day

I had the perfect Mother's Day weekend. It lasted the whole weekend, not just on Sunday. 

We spent most of our weekend at the soccer fields watching Isaac play in his first soccer tournament. He had so much fun and loved being out there. He is growing up way too fast. 

Then we rode bikes down to B & G for ice cream. On our way down there we stopped at the park and ran into some friends so we all went together for ice cream. It was a really good evening. 

On our way home from ice cream we stopped and looked for flowers. Jeff had his pick up so he was able to take our stuff home. He brought his pick up for Anna as we assumed riding home would be too far. We were wrong. Just kept right up with us and made it all the way there and back. She is growing up way too fast. 

I love my crew. 

flower shop

soccer games

bike rides

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

spring blooms

After out May snowfall I wasn't anticipating my lilacs to bloom for a while. I was wrong. They are blooming and are gorgeous and smell incredible. One of my favorite things to do during this time is to make little bouquets for friends. I delivered this to my girlfriend for her birthday. 

principle for the morning

One of the auction items at a recent fundraiser for our school was for the kids to be principle for the morning. So, I bid on it and eventually won it for my kids.

They got to pick the dress down theme- which they chose pajamas. They also got to spend the morning with their principle doing all the things she does in the morning. Anna told me she was so tired from walking up and down the halls visiting each classroom. They finished by going to lunch and ice cream where they then went back to their regular day. 

They had a great time!

ready for pajama day!

hanging with the pups. Roma is about 11 weeks now


Jeff and I went to Florida for a Burger King convention. I was under the impression I would get lots of rest and relation... Which I did. But I was not planning on the late nights, either! 

We had a great time. Sun, pools, spa, day trips, dinners, etc.

We sure have a good time!

Thanks Jeff, for letting me tag along!

selfies on the beach

Naples sunset

morning walks

Our awesome rental

twinkle lights on the palm trees. sweet

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1st, 2017

Happy May Day from snowy South Dakota. 



Isaac's First Communion

We celebrated Isaac's First Communion last week on a beautiful spring day. He was very proud of himself and so were Jeff and I. After mass we had family over to grill out and spend time together. 

He celebrated again with his school the same week. They had a little reception following First Communion for the kids and parents. These 2nd grade boys are crazy!

We are proud of you, Isaac. 

Anna. Dad. Capri. Isaac. Mom. Owen. Suzie

looking good

a bunch of crazy 2nd grade boys

2nd graders

family love celebrating isaac

Monday, April 24, 2017

Junie B Jones

Anna's most favorite book is Junie B. Jones. We have read the entire series and continue to read the books over and over. Anna knows all the characters and she begs to read more and more. 

So, they announced Junie B Jones was going to be at the Pavillion through the Children's Theater we knew we were going. It was really cute and we all laughed out loud. We had fun pinpointing the characters from the book during the play. 

At the end of the play Anna excitedly met Junie B. Jones. 

It was really fun!

harlem globetrotters!

Sneaky Jeff got tickets to the globetrotters- which I knew about but I didn't know he got them on the court! And if you don't know- being on the court means you will probably get pulled out of your seat to participate in the show. I was a nervous wreck that they would pick me! Thankfully, they didn't pick me! They did ask Isaac to participate but he (like me) isn't totally sure about it. 

It was a really fun family night!

They gave the kids this balloon that was used as a prop in the show

we made the argus when that big guy scared us!


Anna is enjoying gymnastics. She moved up to the big gym a couple of months ago. She is one of the younger kids in her group but she is adjusting just fine. She has made a couple friends and is getting the hang of how things work in the new gym. 

We will be taking the summer off for a break. I have a feeling she will want to sign back up in the fall. 

Meet Roma.....

After we went on vacation and left Rudy home alone and she didn't handle it very well we knew we would be adding another dog to the family. We found this little cutie- Roma. She is a mini golden doodle and will be a medium to small size dog- definitely bigger than Rudy but not as big as a golden retriever. 

We picked her up the day after Easter and have been adjusting since. I feel like we have a pretty good handle on things. Anna is definitely loving on her the most- and Isaac is taking a close 2nd. He is just too busy playing with his friends and doing all of his stuff. 

The first couple of nights she was up a couple times in the night- but now she is up maybe once and is totally ok with the kennel. Rudy hated the kennel so this is a nice change. 

It has been nice adding a pup at this stage of our lives with the kids a little older as they are really big helpers. 

I can't forget to mention how much Rudy is loving her new buddy. She was really in a funk after Ozzy was put down. She slept most of the time and was not herself. Since we got Roma her tail wags nonstop, she loves to play and she is always checking on her buddy. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


What a gorgeous day! 

We had our annual Easter activities. We went to church this morning and then went to Colton, South Dakota to the Willard farm- Mandy's (my sister in law) sister hosts a big group every year. The kids played and played outside- Soccer, 4 wheelers, jungle gym, Easter egg hunt, etc. 

It is one of our favorite family traditions.


at the farm

4 wheeling fun!

Easter egg hunt

Anna hunting for eggs
did I forget to mention there were baby chick? 

dyeing easter egs

Suzie and her kids came over last week to dye Easter Eggs. It was fun and busy and messy. But we got through it and the kids loved it. 

zoned out

green egg for the kid who loves green

big kid

doing her thing


oh Piper!

more colors

the crew after Isaac took off to see his friends

my girl

fun afternoon. 

MPLS with Suz

Suzie and I scheduled a weekend to Mpls months in advance because it is just that hard to find a weekend that works for both of us and our family schedules. So days/weeks leading up to the big weekend we get excited/nervous (just in case something comes up to prevent our plans).

This time we took Jeff's truck in anticipation of Suzie finding some outdoor furniture. We also got smart and decided to leave a day early so we wouldn't like we were going to run out of time- which has been the case in the passed. 

We left Thursday afternoon and arrived just in time for 5pm traffic- all was fine. We hit a couple spots and went to dinner before checking into our hotel and getting a good nights sleep. 

On Friday morning we made a point to take a big walk before we hit the shops. We walked around Lake Harriet near Suzie's old home when she lived there. It was a fun and brisk and a great way to start our day. We hit the shops and shopped until we dropped. We had dinner reservations at the mall at 9pm and then we started drinking a little wine and had way too much fun with Snapchat. It was pretty hilarious. I am proud to report that we walked over 20,000 steps on Friday. 

On Saturday we met Suzie's friend, Leanne and she joined us for the day. We had lunch, shopped, vegged, dinner... the day went by too fast. 

Sunday we woke up and made a couple returns before hitting the road to come home. 

It was so much fun and so needed. The last time we were in the cities together was over 2 years ago. We really try to go once a year but life got busy for a while. We had plans but things came up to force us to cancel. 

Thanks sis, for the wonderful weekend! 

walking around lake harriett

shopping- we all 3 bought the same shirt

suz driving jeff's truck around the cities like a boss.
check out her parking job in that ramp.