Wednesday, December 28, 2016

hanging with the islanders

This has become one of our favorite traditions. De La Salle is where my dad went to high school in Minneapolis. Every year they come to South Dakota to play in the Mike Miller Classic basketball tournament. My parents host them for dinner on their way into town. 

My kids love it. Isaac just can't get enough and this year Anna was right up with them too. It's pretty darn sweet. These kids are so polite and nice to the kids. 

The favorite for sure is, Will. He has been coming for about 3-4 years and this year he is a senior. We are sure going to miss him in the upcoming years. 

What a fun evening. 

We are heading to Mitchell tomorrow to watch them play a team from Florida and to watch O'G play the Kernels. 

hanging with Will

Happy kids

The whole team with my parents
and a handful of grandkids. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas love

We had a really great Christmas weekend. Pretty low key, for sure. 

Christmas eve we spent most of the day at home before going to my parent's house for Christmas Eve evening. We had a great celebration with family and playing some games- including poop the potato and a white elephant Christmas gift exchange. 

On Christmas morning we all woke up in the basement to our stocking stuffed. Isaac was the first one awake (go figure). We went upstairs to see if Santa came and we spent the morning opening gifts. We decided we were going to go to the 11am mass. We wanted to get there early so we got there at 10:30. I went in to get seats and realized no one else was coming in.... only to realize there was no 11am service..... ha! So we did some fast thinking and found the only other church in town celebrating an 11am mass was at the Cathedral. So, we went. It was pretty magical. The music was amazing. This might be our new tradition- Christmas at the Cathedral. 

We went back to my parent's house for dinner before going to the Skyforce game with some friends. 

It was a great weekend. So much love. 

Christmas @ the Cathedral

Hatchimals... all the craze this year

our greatest gifts.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

visiting Santa

Isaac's Christmas concert

Isaac had his Christmas concert last week and he did such a good job. He also did a really good job picking out his outfit! He looked so sharp! He was really proud and did a really good job and had so much fun!

Isaac- looking so good!

Isaac and his teacher- he loves her!

Christmas concert

Isaac and a couple friends after

Isaac and Anna with my parents who came to watch. 

wrapping presents

I signed the ladies in my family up to wrap Christmas presents at the mall. We did it the Sunday before Christmas. It was so busy and pretty fun. It is a fundraiser for The Children's Inn in Sioux Falls. People give a free will donation when you wrap their gifts. It's for a great cause and a great way to spend time together. 

Suzie. Mandy. Me. Shelley. Mom. Capri.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Anna is 6!

Anna turned 6... on 12/16/16! 

On top of it being her birthday she had her Christmas concert at school, what fun! Isaac also had a reading in church so Jeff and I spent most of the morning at school. They both did a great job in their duties. 

I went back to school at noon to surprise her and to have lunch with her and her friends. It was really sweet. She was so thankful and so happy to have me. 

We have been talking about how she has been wanting to get her ears pierced for her 6th birthday for a long time. So when I picked them up it was time to face it. She was nervous, she was scared, she was excited... I told her we didn't have to do it. We decided to just go to the mall and check it out- no commitments. So off we went. We got to Claire's Boutique and looked at our options and talked to the worker about the process. She wanted to do it. She was so nervous... ugh. Big tears streaming down her face and her little hands so sweaty gripping onto me. But once we got the first one done all the tears dried up and she had her brave face on. Scared turned to proud. Brave girl. 

We came home and opened a few gifts before we headed out to have pizza with cousins and family to celebrate Anna and Hudson's birthday. 

After pizza we brought Sullivan and Greta over to have a sleepover- their first sleepover. It went well. They were all asleep by around 10. 

My sweet Anna. I can't believe she is 6. She has the most loving heart. She defiantly has her moments, but her good mood and spirit outweigh those times. She loves her cousins, friends, teachers, parents, etc. She is loving her time spent at gymnastics and girl scouts. She loves to play with Isaac and her sweet dogs. Her current favorite things are rainbows, playing school, playing with her dolls and crafting. She thrives to be really good in school; she does not want to get into any trouble. She is very shy in public situations. She loves to sleep in- she also loves to sneak in our room halfway through the night and snuggle until morning (I think those days are numbered as Isaac quit doing that around this time). 

Happy 6th Birthday, baby girl. 

ready for school and Christmas concert
on her birthday!

my girl

lunch surprises

getting ready for recess after lunch
ears pierced!

board games!

family birthday picture

rainbow cake

sleepover- downstairs

sleepover- downstairs

(upstairs in Isaac's room. I slept with her- and Rudy)

full bed.....

full heart.

packers vs seahawks

One likes the Packers, one likes the Seahawks. So when they play each other we make things fun....

sibling rivalry

tumble birthday bus

Anna had her friend birthday at our house this year. We invited the kindergarten class over for some fun in the tumble bus. Then they all came in for pizza, cake, piƱata and games. It was a crazy couple of hours but it went really well. 

She was one happy girl. 6 is going to be great!

On a side note it was quite the crazy because we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and didn't have a kitchen, at all. So we improvised. 

Birthday dress ready! 
Anna and her friends

check out her smile. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

First Reconciliation

I can't hardly believe we are going through First Reconciliation, how did he grow up so fast? Well, he did. He was nervous and excited but mostly nervous.

He did an awesome job. He told us he was going to go behind the screen and we told him that was ok. He ended up going face to face- brave kiddo! 

Jeff and I also went to confession- first time since our wedding day. Pretty darn proud of myself and I was even nervous. 

Hard to believe he will be doing his First Communion in the spring. Time, slow down....please. 

before his First Reconciliation

All done! 

my little daisy

Anna has been asking to be in Girl Scouts for over a year for one reason only- to sell the cookies. So we got her signed up and we are giving it a go. (FYI- If you are family we WILL be contacting you in February to buy some cookies... near or far).

Anna is having fun meeting some new friends- we don't know anyone in our troop. We will give it a go this year. I am not sure what will happen next year.... Until then she is adorable and having fun trying new things. 

Anna- the girl scout

Go Cowboys!

Jeff and I went to the Cowboys game last weekend in Minneapolis with some friends. Jeff was really excited for the game considering the Cowboys are having an amazing season. We tailgated with some friends before and after the game. It was cold but we managed just fine. The Cowboys won! 

Friday we spent the day Christmas/Birthday shopping for the kids. We ate at our favorite restaurants and just shopped and shopped and shopped. We were both so exhausted by the end of the day. We had great success, thats for sure. I am suggesting we do a shopping trip like that once a year. It was a great way to spend time together. 

We came home Saturday afternoon in time to be home with the kids Saturday evening and all day Sunday before we all got back into the weekday grind. 

pregame tailgate

at the game

my favorite place to shop.