Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Spirit

The kids woke up to their Elf, Wanty here hiding in the dice box with a little note that said, "I love you", Isaac ran to get Anna and she jumped out of bed so fast to see him. They were both so excited.  They made him gifts and wrote him letters. 

Tonight we went downtown to The Parade of Lights. This was our first time taking them. The weather was really perfect. Suzie and her family were down there so we connected with them. The parade was fun. Anna wanted to stay for the whole thing and we were glad we did because Santa was on the last float and they were both really excited to see him. 

When we got home I saw a photo gallery from our newspaper and saw Anna made the gallery. You would only know it was her if you know her winter gear. But we know. Pretty fun. 

We are loving this family time. 

Anna. Isaac. Wanty

Anna with the cupcake hat

Jeff. Anna. Greta. Dave. Isaac. Piper. Suzie. Sullivan

decorating the tree

I feel Isaac slipping away and this is the first instance. He used to love to decorate the tree. It was so much fun for him. When we started decorating the tree this year he was more interested in going out to see if his buddies were outside. Thankful for me, he came back in within a half hour to help do his share of decorating. 

Anna on the other hand is totally into it. We hung decorations, she helped Jeff decorate the basement, she is loving this Christmas stuff. 

It is just so fun doing this stuff with kids. Christmas music in the background, everyone working away. 

matchy matchy prepping for Christmas

Anna putting up the star

so fun

Isaac doing his share of the help

green is still his favorite. 

Thanksgiving 2016

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house. Kind of a nice change since I had been hosting the last few years. 

I was in charge of the potatoes. Anna helped me peel them Thursday morning. She did get into a little scuffle with the peeler and I think the peeler won so she retired after about the 2nd or 3rd one. It was still fun having her help. 

We arrived at my parents house before noon and spend the entire day there. It was a nice crowd- Suzie, Dave, Sullivan, Piper, Greta, Sam, Shelley, Hudson, My mom,  and dad. After lunch my cousin stopped over for a little while with her kids so all the kids played together and had such a great time. 

Jeff, the kids and I were the last ones to leave around 8pm. I am so thankful for the people in my world. 

potato peeler

our crew!

Isaac's Thanksgiving turkey he made in school. so cute!

As the weather changes

Last week the weather was pretty nice considering it was mid November. Anna asked if we could go to the park after school... why not!? I knew our days were numbered. Tuesday was the day. We played and played and soaked up the dry cool weather. 

Thursday afternoon it all changed.... Friday morning they went to school in full snow gear.... and it looks like they may be in full snow gear until mid April. 

The kids are just as excited about the snowy winter ahead as they were about our last park date. 

playing at the park on Tuesday

my anna

my isaac


getting brave!

see saw

heading to school Friday in a blizzard

Friday, November 11, 2016

vote yo!

Every time there is an election I always make a point to take the kids with me to vote. I feel it's a very important example to share with them and hopefully when they are 18 they will make the point to vote every chance, too. I went over to Suzie's to watch her kids while she voted and then I took Sully with me to get my kids and he joined us. Poor Anna was not feeling well when I picked her up from school but she was a trooper and joined us to vote. I had my sample ballot with me so it only took a minute or so. 

voting with these three. 

My 2 cents. 

I make a point to remain very neutral in front of my kids regarding the candidates and political parties, and everyone for that matter. I try to enforce that we are all people and we don't need to put one person down just because of their beliefs. Everyone has a right to their choice even if it is not the choice we would make for ourselves. It is not nice of us to talk bad about one candidate, or anyone because they are human, too. Calling them names and bashing them is NOT ok. 

However, it is very clear to me that my kids are very much influenced by the people around them. The words they used to describe the candidates and what they heard about them was very disturbing. It is very hard to reiterate my teachings at home when they hear absurd things from their peers and important people in their world. However, I do my best. 

Since I can't change the way people talk around my children, I have to take the opportunity to remain neutral and remind them that everyone has a heart and feelings too. I can tell them until I am blue in the face and they may not listen. I just have to have hope that at some point in their lives they will see the good in everyone and understand why their mom always stayed neutral and remained silent while everyone else had not so nice things to say.

All Saints Day

For the kids All Saints party at school Anna dressed as a teacher and Isaac dressed as an athlete. 

Their parties at school were really fun. I spent most of my time in Anna's class as helping with her party. Those kindergarteners need plenty of assistance and focus. 

I did manage to stop into Isaac's class at the end of the day to help a little. Those 2nd graders are a fun bunch of kids. 

Anna in her teacher mode "shhhh"

Isaac the athlete

Anna wearing the cutest little halo craft

Isaac's 2nd grade class