Tuesday, August 30, 2016

first football practice

Isaac had his first football practice and this year Jeff is the co-coach this year. I am not sure who was more excited for practice tonight- Isaac or Jeff. 

Jeff has been working on plays for days and came home from work early so they could get there plenty early. 

Can you say, excited? 

It's going to be a really fun season!

Isaac and Jeff heading to practice

let her fly

Anna has had her shares ups and downs with school. In her preschool days one week would be great and the next week she would cry during drop offs. So to say I was on pins and needles with her starting kindergarten would be an understatement. 

Boy, she has soared. She started her year wanting us by her until she lined up for school. Today I dropped them off and she gave me a kiss and a hug and ran away to go play on the playground. I stayed and watched her walk away and she kept turning to me as she was walking away with a big smile on her face. She was doing our little thing- pointing to her eye for "I," putting a heart around her hear for "love," and pointing to each other for "you." I watched her climb up on the playground equipment and away she went. 

I walked off the playground and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I am so proud of her. I really truly believe this new beginning is just what she needed to give her the confidence and independence to fly. It's time to let her fly.

My sweetie

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


As Anna starts kindergarten my life is starting a new transition.

I have been home raising my kids for over 8 years. 8 years is a long time. It is crazy to think how much we have accomplished in those 8 years. I (we) have raised two wonderful little humans from birth to school age. We had many ups and downs. We have gone through countless phases and stages of life. We have had playgroups, kindermusik, preschool, friends, Target, blow outs, dancing, camps, fighting, cribs, diapers, Mario Brothers, projectile vomiting, s'mores, crawling, biting, ER visits, playdates, walking, gymnastics, tubbies, dolls, running, hair pulling, toy reviews on youtube, dancing, singing, ABC's, sleep sacks, puddle jumping, sharing, toys, riding bikes without training wheels, cousins, legos, nighnee, tree climbing, Ninja Turtles, bandaids, skipping, cartwheels, bike rides, blankeys, meltdowns, traveling, ballet, rolling over, potty training, flips, parks, sleepless nights, cannonballs, Minecraft, nursing, strep throat, swimming, road trips, soccer, gymnastics, piggyback rides, the lake, Miss Jasper house, skiing, baseball, giggles, laughing, snuggles, love.... the list goes on and on.

I can't believe typing this that our preschool days are over. It doesn't seem real to me. I am so thankful for the time I had with my kids. I am just so thankful.

We are onto a new phase. I know my kids need me just as much now as they have the past years as we have new challenges to face and new reasons to celebrate. I am looking forward to this next chapter and can't wait to see how Isaac and Anna carve their way through this world.

I have a lot of questions in my head as to what I plan to do to fill my time while my kids are in school. Right now we are adjusting. I will continue to volunteer at school for Tuesday morning moms and I have committed to volunteering in the lunch room on Thursdays. I may get a little part time job this fall. But most importantly, I plan to be available to my kids- just like the last 8 plus years.

I dont even know if this post makes any sense. But, I wanted to write down my feelings during this transitioning phase of my life. Some day in my life I am going to want to look back at this time and wonder what was going through my mind.

1st day of school!

We had a big morning around here on Monday. School started! 

On Sunday evening we were working on bedtime and I was laying with Anna and she was really squirmy. I asked her what was up and she told me she was feeling a little nervous about starting school the next morning. I assured her that it was totally normal to feel like that and how big of a deal it is to start kindergarten. Whatever I told her seemed to ease her mind and she sound asleep. 

We woke up early on Monday to get all prepared of the big day. Both kids woke up excited to get to school. Anna wanted me to curl her hair, so that took most of the time. 

We headed to school. Isaac rode with Jeff and Anna rode with me. As soon as I turned into the parking lot I got pretty choked up. My baby is starting kindergarten.

We parked and made our way to the playground and both kids were happy and excited. Isaac went to play with his friends and Anna stuck by us. They lined up and off they went to school. No tears. Yay! 

Jeff and I walked away and couldn't be more proud of our kids. Our babies are growing up. 

Anna asked if I would work in the lunch room on the first day so she could see me. I obliged. It was pretty funny. When both kids went through the lunch line neither one of them recognized me. I had to get their attention and the looks on their face was priceless. 

First day of school.
Isaac- 2nd grade
Anna- Kindergarten

excited kindergartener!


my big 2nd grader

at school

Isaac and his teacher

Anna and her teacher

all lined up

Isaac in his line

lunch prayer. 

last days of summer

The last week of summer I tried to go all out and do something fun each day. Some days were a surprise and some were planned. We went bowling one day, the arcade the next and the big surprise was a trip to the Children's Museum on Friday with some friends. 

It has been a really busy summer. We have had plenty of fun but it really felt nonstop. That's kind of how we planned it though so the kids kept busy. Between camps and lake weekends we didn't have too much down time. Which is good. Then the kids couldn't get bored. I think we got everything in we wanted and much more. 

I'd have to say we have had one heck of a summer. Love my kids so much.

me and my babies

school open house

I definitely had some nerves going into school for the open house. I am not sure if it was just new year nerves or the fact that Anna was starting kindergarten! Eek. 

We went to Anna's room first and she met her teacher and we found her spot and got her supplies unpacked. Anna may have walked in there a little nervous but she walked out with a spring in her step and excited for kindergarten. 

Then we went to Isaac's room and he was pretty nervous meeting his new teacher. She is new this year. Isaac was pretty shy and didn't say much. But I know he was very excited as she was the teacher he wanted. 

Anna and her teacher

Isaac with his teacher

Another great summer at the lake

I feel like as soon as the summer starts, summer ends. It has been an incredibly memorable summer at the lake. I feel like the kids grew so much a tried so many new things. 

Our days of playing on the beach and swimming by the dock quickly turned into endless hours of tubing and water skiing. It most definitely was a transitional year for our kids. Both of them learned to water ski- they are still getting used to it and Anna isn't convinced it is supposed to be fun. We tubed for hours- it was fun for all. Anna was the cannonball queen jumping off the boat and dock every chance she got. It was so much fun watching her. Isaac got so much more comfortable in the water, too. 

We owe John and Linda millions of thank you's for letting us use their wonderful home weekend after weekend. The kids loved spending the time with their grandparents. We loved having the family time. 

Thank you, John and Linda. We can't wait for next summer- just a few winter months away!

Grandpa and Grandma
Anna (5). Isaac (8)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Connelly family takes over MPLS

My parents scheduled a weekend family get together to talk about some family business stuff and some other fun activities. Everyone was there except for Liz and Matt. 

We had our meeting Saturday morning at 10 and a tour of the trailer home park my dad owns which was pretty interesting. On Saturday afternoon Jeff and I took our kids to the MOA to check out the Crayola Experience. Everything crayons. It was fun. Anna spent 3 hours there and could have spent 2 more hours if we had the time. After the mall we went to the pool to swim and to celebrate Shelley's Birthday. Saturday evening the adults who were able met in the hotel lobby bar for drinks and fun. 

Sunday morning most of the guys went to tour the new Vikings Stadium. Then we all met at my Aunt Patty's for brunch. Jeff and I took the kids back to the MOA so Anna could go to the American Girl doll store. Then we came home. 

It was fun to be together. 
Alex and Sam riding on the back of the pickup during the tour

Connelly LN in honor of my grandpa Ed. 

Crayola Expericnce. Coloring pages


Vikings tour.
Jeff. Isaac. Hudson. Owen. Sam.

camp foster and more lake time

We were lucky enough to spend the week at the lake last week with friends so the kids could attend Camp Foster. 

We did this a couple of years ago, too. Ellen hosted the kids and I for the week. The older kids did camp everyday all day and the little girls just did morning camp. 

The kids go along really well- there were a few bumps along the which is totally to be expected. Ellen and I had a great time together, too. Swimming, boating, cooking dinner, reality tv, wine... the list goes on. 

morning bike ride to breakfast to celebrate grandpa Johnny's birthday
cannonball champ


first morning of camp

camp crew.
Molly. Libby. Aaron. Isaac. Anna.

wine time

more fun

crazy boys

Ice cream truck!

my sweet boy

best buddies-
Molly and Anna

Anna and I on the kayak

Love Ellen!

Last day of camp