Saturday, December 17, 2016

Anna is 6!

Anna turned 6... on 12/16/16! 

On top of it being her birthday she had her Christmas concert at school, what fun! Isaac also had a reading in church so Jeff and I spent most of the morning at school. They both did a great job in their duties. 

I went back to school at noon to surprise her and to have lunch with her and her friends. It was really sweet. She was so thankful and so happy to have me. 

We have been talking about how she has been wanting to get her ears pierced for her 6th birthday for a long time. So when I picked them up it was time to face it. She was nervous, she was scared, she was excited... I told her we didn't have to do it. We decided to just go to the mall and check it out- no commitments. So off we went. We got to Claire's Boutique and looked at our options and talked to the worker about the process. She wanted to do it. She was so nervous... ugh. Big tears streaming down her face and her little hands so sweaty gripping onto me. But once we got the first one done all the tears dried up and she had her brave face on. Scared turned to proud. Brave girl. 

We came home and opened a few gifts before we headed out to have pizza with cousins and family to celebrate Anna and Hudson's birthday. 

After pizza we brought Sullivan and Greta over to have a sleepover- their first sleepover. It went well. They were all asleep by around 10. 

My sweet Anna. I can't believe she is 6. She has the most loving heart. She defiantly has her moments, but her good mood and spirit outweigh those times. She loves her cousins, friends, teachers, parents, etc. She is loving her time spent at gymnastics and girl scouts. She loves to play with Isaac and her sweet dogs. Her current favorite things are rainbows, playing school, playing with her dolls and crafting. She thrives to be really good in school; she does not want to get into any trouble. She is very shy in public situations. She loves to sleep in- she also loves to sneak in our room halfway through the night and snuggle until morning (I think those days are numbered as Isaac quit doing that around this time). 

Happy 6th Birthday, baby girl. 

ready for school and Christmas concert
on her birthday!

my girl

lunch surprises

getting ready for recess after lunch
ears pierced!

board games!

family birthday picture

rainbow cake

sleepover- downstairs

sleepover- downstairs

(upstairs in Isaac's room. I slept with her- and Rudy)

decorating the Christmas tree