Friday, November 11, 2016

vote yo!

Every time there is an election I always make a point to take the kids with me to vote. I feel it's a very important example to share with them and hopefully when they are 18 they will make the point to vote every chance, too. I went over to Suzie's to watch her kids while she voted and then I took Sully with me to get my kids and he joined us. Poor Anna was not feeling well when I picked her up from school but she was a trooper and joined us to vote. I had my sample ballot with me so it only took a minute or so. 

voting with these three. 

My 2 cents. 

I make a point to remain very neutral in front of my kids regarding the candidates and political parties, and everyone for that matter. I try to enforce that we are all people and we don't need to put one person down just because of their beliefs. Everyone has a right to their choice even if it is not the choice we would make for ourselves. It is not nice of us to talk bad about one candidate, or anyone because they are human, too. Calling them names and bashing them is NOT ok. 

However, it is very clear to me that my kids are very much influenced by the people around them. The words they used to describe the candidates and what they heard about them was very disturbing. It is very hard to reiterate my teachings at home when they hear absurd things from their peers and important people in their world. However, I do my best. 

Since I can't change the way people talk around my children, I have to take the opportunity to remain neutral and remind them that everyone has a heart and feelings too. I can tell them until I am blue in the face and they may not listen. I just have to have hope that at some point in their lives they will see the good in everyone and understand why their mom always stayed neutral and remained silent while everyone else had not so nice things to say.