Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Spirit

The kids woke up to their Elf, Wanty here hiding in the dice box with a little note that said, "I love you", Isaac ran to get Anna and she jumped out of bed so fast to see him. They were both so excited.  They made him gifts and wrote him letters. 

Tonight we went downtown to The Parade of Lights. This was our first time taking them. The weather was really perfect. Suzie and her family were down there so we connected with them. The parade was fun. Anna wanted to stay for the whole thing and we were glad we did because Santa was on the last float and they were both really excited to see him. 

When we got home I saw a photo gallery from our newspaper and saw Anna made the gallery. You would only know it was her if you know her winter gear. But we know. Pretty fun. 

We are loving this family time. 

Anna. Isaac. Wanty

Anna with the cupcake hat

Jeff. Anna. Greta. Dave. Isaac. Piper. Suzie. Sullivan