Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat

Jeff started Halloween out by dressing in his new Chewbacca costume and taking the kids to school. It was a hit! He said once he dropped the kids and was walking through the parking lot kids started swarming him and giving him high fives. No one knew who he was! This will definitely be an annual occurrence. 

The fun continued after dinner when we went out into our neighborhood. Adults were asking to take selfies with Chewy while some kids gave high fives and others screamed. It was quite comical. The kids had fun going house to house trick or treating. 

Anna and I came back early and Isaac tagged along with some neighbors kids to continue trick or treating. We all were home by 8pm. 

Fun day. 

Kids with Chewy before school

Piccachu and Dorthy

family picture

Chewy handing out candy

Anna's pumpkin

Isaac's carving.