Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sunday Funday

After church on Sunday we took the kids to the store to pick out pumpkins. 

After pumpkins we went to the zoo. Isaac has been wanting to go so he can take notes on the animal facts. So we picked them each up a notebook from my parents house and off we went. Isaac took notes on facts of animals and Anna drew pictures of the animals we passed. It was a fun family outing. 

On Sunday evening we watched the Cowboys vs Packers football game. Big house rivalry- Anna and me rooting for the Packers and Jeff and kind of Isaac rooting for the Cowboys. It was fun. Then the Packers lost and Anna cried. Ha! 

Love fall family time. 

my cuties

Isaac picking his pumpkin

Anna, too

Jeff and the kids at the zoo

my turn with the kids

family selfie

football fun!