Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat

Jeff started Halloween out by dressing in his new Chewbacca costume and taking the kids to school. It was a hit! He said once he dropped the kids and was walking through the parking lot kids started swarming him and giving him high fives. No one knew who he was! This will definitely be an annual occurrence. 

The fun continued after dinner when we went out into our neighborhood. Adults were asking to take selfies with Chewy while some kids gave high fives and others screamed. It was quite comical. The kids had fun going house to house trick or treating. 

Anna and I came back early and Isaac tagged along with some neighbors kids to continue trick or treating. We all were home by 8pm. 

Fun day. 

Kids with Chewy before school

Piccachu and Dorthy

family picture

Chewy handing out candy

Anna's pumpkin

Isaac's carving. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Prep

We started off our Halloween prep this weekend by taking the kids to ZooBoo on Friday evening. It was a fun family night, my favorite kind of nights. The weather was perfect, too. 

Isaac- Pikachu
Anna- Dorthy

On Saturday evening Jeff and the kids carved and painted pumpkins. I am not much help with my broken wrist. So I just took a couple of pictures. Jeff is a total trooper helping the kids. Isaac is getting much better about carving his own pumpkin start to finish. Anna needs plenty of assistance. :)

(Anna's pumpin)

Isaac carving

Anna decorating. 
It was a great family weekend. I love my people.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sunday Funday

After church on Sunday we took the kids to the store to pick out pumpkins. 

After pumpkins we went to the zoo. Isaac has been wanting to go so he can take notes on the animal facts. So we picked them each up a notebook from my parents house and off we went. Isaac took notes on facts of animals and Anna drew pictures of the animals we passed. It was a fun family outing. 

On Sunday evening we watched the Cowboys vs Packers football game. Big house rivalry- Anna and me rooting for the Packers and Jeff and kind of Isaac rooting for the Cowboys. It was fun. Then the Packers lost and Anna cried. Ha! 

Love fall family time. 

my cuties

Isaac picking his pumpkin

Anna, too

Jeff and the kids at the zoo

my turn with the kids

family selfie

football fun!


After too much fun at the concert a couple of weeks ago we were waiting for our ride home and I tripped and fell. I tried to break my fall with my hands and..... bam! Ouch. I knew it was bad. I told Jeff I thought I really hurt it. We got home and went to bed and woke up Sunday morning and the pain was so bad. UGH! We went into acute care and didn't get very far.

While at the acute care I took a picture of the X-ray and shared it with a couple friends who are in the bone industry who told me I better get into a hand dr. I was seen on Thursday of last week and all was confirmed, I broke my radius bone in my right arm. Right arm, so annoying! 

The dr was questioning some ligament damage so I had to have an MRI, which was not fun... at all. I had to lay on my stomach on this machine and be wheeled in with my arm stretched out in front of me. The lady kept talking to me through my headphones telling me to hold still. I swear I was holding so still, but apparently even a twitch messes it up. I did have good results from the MRI- no surgery needed. 

I am set up with a splint and lots of help from my family for the next 6 weeks. 

I know Jeff will be so ready for this to be over as I am so not the best help right now. 

Live and Learn... and thankful it isn't worse. 

crack and break in the bone.

sweet girl brought me my ice pack and wrote a note for me
(I heart OMO)

my look. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Surprise, Sonia!

One of my great friends, Sonia had a baby in July. She lives in Des Moines, that't the hard part. She had been asking me over and over when I was going to come visit. I honestly did't know if I was going to get there with our travels this fall. She was in town a few weeks ago and I devised a plan.

I called her husband and told him I wanted to surprise her. I worked out child care arrangements at home. I hit the road Tuesday afternoon and was home Thursday evening.

I pulled up to her house Tuesday evening around 8 and Brad greeted me at the door and I walked in and was like, "surprise!" She was so shocked! It was fun. We went to lunch, ran errands, shopped, went to dinner, slept in, hung with sweet Harper and just got stuff done. 

It was so good to have a couple days together. 

Me. Sonia. Haper

mom friends

My girlfriends, Ellen and Lisa have been wonderful mom friends since Isaac was a baby. We used to walk the mall together when we had babies. Our friendship has stood the test of time and we still manage to get together once a month or so- with our without the kids. The kids always have fun together.

We were together recently and forced these crazy kids to line up against the wall for an updated picture. Quite the crew ages 4-10

Molly (4). Anna (5). Lucy and Liam (4). Aaron (7).
Isaac (8). Jack (7). Libby (9). Jonah (10)

funny kids