Thursday, August 11, 2016

camp foster and more lake time

We were lucky enough to spend the week at the lake last week with friends so the kids could attend Camp Foster. 

We did this a couple of years ago, too. Ellen hosted the kids and I for the week. The older kids did camp everyday all day and the little girls just did morning camp. 

The kids go along really well- there were a few bumps along the which is totally to be expected. Ellen and I had a great time together, too. Swimming, boating, cooking dinner, reality tv, wine... the list goes on. 

morning bike ride to breakfast to celebrate grandpa Johnny's birthday
cannonball champ


first morning of camp

camp crew.
Molly. Libby. Aaron. Isaac. Anna.

wine time

more fun

crazy boys

Ice cream truck!

my sweet boy

best buddies-
Molly and Anna

Anna and I on the kayak

Love Ellen!

Last day of camp

decorating the Christmas tree