Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another great summer at the lake

I feel like as soon as the summer starts, summer ends. It has been an incredibly memorable summer at the lake. I feel like the kids grew so much a tried so many new things. 

Our days of playing on the beach and swimming by the dock quickly turned into endless hours of tubing and water skiing. It most definitely was a transitional year for our kids. Both of them learned to water ski- they are still getting used to it and Anna isn't convinced it is supposed to be fun. We tubed for hours- it was fun for all. Anna was the cannonball queen jumping off the boat and dock every chance she got. It was so much fun watching her. Isaac got so much more comfortable in the water, too. 

We owe John and Linda millions of thank you's for letting us use their wonderful home weekend after weekend. The kids loved spending the time with their grandparents. We loved having the family time. 

Thank you, John and Linda. We can't wait for next summer- just a few winter months away!

Grandpa and Grandma
Anna (5). Isaac (8)