Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1st day of school!

We had a big morning around here on Monday. School started! 

On Sunday evening we were working on bedtime and I was laying with Anna and she was really squirmy. I asked her what was up and she told me she was feeling a little nervous about starting school the next morning. I assured her that it was totally normal to feel like that and how big of a deal it is to start kindergarten. Whatever I told her seemed to ease her mind and she sound asleep. 

We woke up early on Monday to get all prepared of the big day. Both kids woke up excited to get to school. Anna wanted me to curl her hair, so that took most of the time. 

We headed to school. Isaac rode with Jeff and Anna rode with me. As soon as I turned into the parking lot I got pretty choked up. My baby is starting kindergarten.

We parked and made our way to the playground and both kids were happy and excited. Isaac went to play with his friends and Anna stuck by us. They lined up and off they went to school. No tears. Yay! 

Jeff and I walked away and couldn't be more proud of our kids. Our babies are growing up. 

Anna asked if I would work in the lunch room on the first day so she could see me. I obliged. It was pretty funny. When both kids went through the lunch line neither one of them recognized me. I had to get their attention and the looks on their face was priceless. 

First day of school.
Isaac- 2nd grade
Anna- Kindergarten

excited kindergartener!


my big 2nd grader

at school

Isaac and his teacher

Anna and her teacher

all lined up

Isaac in his line

lunch prayer.