Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Okoboji with cousins!

One of our favorite times of the year is when our Arizona cousins come for a visit to the lake. Nonstop cousin time for days on end. This year was no different. They all seem to pick up right where they left off even thought we don't see them for months at a time. 

The kids loved fishing this year. They spent many mornings on the dock trolling for fish- I know they caught several. 

This year the kids spent so much time on the boat- skiing and tubing! They are all getting bigger so it seems we are onto bigger things. 

The biggest shocking and exciting part was Anna going water skiing! I wasn't there so Jeff called to tell me that no one would go first to ski so she jumped up and went! Really proud of her! Jaxson and Isaac spent a lot of time water skiing as well and by the end of the week Isaac and Jaxson were able to start all by themselves in the water. The tube was a favorite, too. They all wanted to go faster and get crazy. Grandpa Johnny even went tubing. 

Its always fun to catch up with Patricia and Jack, too. 

Thanks for the fun!

golfing guys


these boy are close in size!

Isaac skiing

proud kiddo

Jaxson skiing

Anna pulling herself up.
My favorite part about this picture is Jeff behind her with a giant smile on his face.
Proud Daddy

Anna skiing!

Jeff skiing

Tubing time!


having fun!

happy Anna!

Isaac. Jack. Jaxson

jumping off to swim in- favorite!

Grandpa Johnny tubing

Jordyn (1). Jace (4). Anna (5). Isaac (8). Jaxson (8)

girls matching

cutest outfits

Anna. Isaac. Jaxson

decorating the Christmas tree