Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Joe and Amy's Wedding!

The event of the summer! We were all so excited to celebrate Joe and Amy's Wedding in Des Moines. It was great to have the Oliver family together- even for just a short time. 

We went to Des Moines early Thursday to make it in time for the rehearsal at the church at 1pm. We had dinner downtown and then walked to the sculpture garden so Isaac could play a little Pokemon Go. My wonderful friend, Sonia lives in Des Moines and came to see us at the hotel that evening- she was due anyway with her baby so it was fun to see her in her last days of pregnancy. 

Friday morning Jeff and Isaac went golfing and Anna and I slept in, went swimming and then went and got our hair done for the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful. Jeff and the kids went to the reception and Sonia picked me up to take me to the airport so I could catch my flight and weekend plans in Denver. I got videos all night long of the kids dancing at the reception. I was sad to miss all the fun. Anna danced the night away. Isaac was, too. 

We are so excited to have Amy and Ellie in our family!

sculpture garden

Pokemon hunting with Kristy

Dinner group

Sonia and her baby belly!

swimming mermaid

hair salon

my best date

bride and groom

Oliver family

cutest kids... ever!

my family

Joe and Amy with all the kids

the boys

Oliver family

my beautiful girl