Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Denver with Suzie

Last fall- yep like last November Suzie and I decided we had to see Adele in concert. We started searching for dates and decided we would try to find tickets for Chicago. I got online and after having zero luck the Chicago concert sold out. I was bummed. I called Jeff to tell him about how unlucky I was when it comes to finding tickets for things.... He called me shortly after to tell me she was going to be in Denver the following weekend and would try to get us tickets. 

To make a long story short, he got them! Woohoo! So our plan was in action for a fun weekend in Denver in July. Suzie took care of some details and I took care of some and the next thing we knew the weekend was here! 

Suzie and I had to fly separately because of Joe and Amy's wedding so Suzie arrived several hours before me. I arrived late Friday evening for some appetizers and drinks. We went to bed and got a full nights sleep and woke up Saturday morning ready to shop! We spent a couple hours wondering downtown and then went to the mall to hit our favorite stores. 

First major highlight of the trip happened Saturday evening when we stumbled up Larimer Square for  dinner. It was so quant. They had all the tables brought to the street and had the street blocked off for live music and dinner and drinks. After we had dinner we walked around a bit and took a pedicab to the hotel. 

Sunday we slept in and got some lunch and went back to the mall. This is where the second major highlight of the trip was (for me)- running into Lauren from the Bachelor and taking a picture with her. It was pretty fun and awesome and I was pretty much freaking out. 

Sunday afternoon was the third highlight of our trip- we spent a couple hours hanging out on the rooftop bar at our hotel. We just chilled. Suzie brought her book and we had a couple raspberry mojitos. It was the perfect afternoon. 

Obviously our fifth and best highlight of the trip was seeing Adele in concert on Sunday evening. She was amazing. She was funny, it felt more like a story tellers concert as she would explain why she wrote each song and how it pertained to her life. 

Monday morning we were back at the airport coming home after a great weekend away! 

Thanks Suz, for the fun weekend! Love you forever! My soul sister.

Larimer Square

Larimer Square lit up by the twinkling lights

pedicab driver

twinning out

meeting Lauren from the Bachelor

Sunday afternoon chill time

Ready for Adele!

So cool!

Suzie's turn to drive the pedicab