Tuesday, July 12, 2016

De La Salle basketball camp

Back in December when my dad's high school basketball team was in town for a tournament I had a chance to talk to the coach. He invited Isaac and Owen to come to basketball camp. The months passed and I had the idea in the back of my head. I had small conversations with my parents and family about possibly going. 

Fast forward to the end of June and it was a reality. My dad came and picked the boys up around 7:30 to get them there for camp which started at 1pm. Anna, Capri and I hit the road mid morning to get there in time to check into the hotel and to pick them up from camp at 4pm. After camp we went to the St Paul Saints game with my dad and aunt Patty. 

On Tuesday we spent the morning swimming. After we dropped the boys off at camp the girls and I went to a park for a couple hours. After we picked the boys up from camp we met my mom, dad and Hudson at the pool. My dad went back to town and my mom and I were going to spend the rest of the week together with the crew of kiddos. 

On Wednesday morning we all went back to the park before we took Owen and Isaac to Basketball camp. After we dropped them off my mom and I took Anna, Capri and Hudson to the children's museum. After we picked up the boys we went to the Mall of America for rides, the aquarium, shopping and dinner. It was a packed day. 

Thursday morning the kids swam. We spent some time at camp to watch the boys. Then we went back to my Aunt Patty's until they were finished. My mom, Hudson and Capri hit the road about 45 minutes before camp was over. Anna and I picked up Isaac and Owen and hit the road. 

The boys had so much fun at camp learning from current basketball players, and alumni (some of which play professionally in Europe). The team is always so good to my dad, mom, the kids and even me. 

Overall it was really fun. There were moments of stress and overall exhaustion from having super busy days with all the kids. I am pretty sure the kids had so much fun. We kept them really busy. I hope it works to do it again next year!

hitting the road with grandpa Paul


baseball game with Aunt Patty

basketball campers

the girls

Isaac and his teacher, Will

swimming at grandpas

Capri. Isaac. Anna. Owen. Hudson.

grandma with the kids at the park

Isaac and Owen with the coach


fun memories with some great guys!