Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Air Show 2016

Another really successful year for the air show. 

Jeff worked his tail of for the last several months. The kids and I really get the best benefit from it as we get to meet all the pilots and get prime VIP status while attending the show. However, they days are long leading up to the show and we don't see much of Jeff. 

It was fun to attend the dinner and meet the pilots Friday evening. The kids and I attended the show on Sunday with Jack and family from Arizona. It was fun to spend the last day with them in Sioux Falls. 

The show didn't disappoint. The kids were into it and the day was really nice. 

We are so proud of all of your work, Jeff!

the kids and the black daggers

hanging on the runway

Fat Albert pilot

some of the Blue Angels team and the kids

fun night!

looking for the jumpers!

my girl

my boy

hanging with cousins

Oliver clan

my people

watching the Blue Angels

Diamond formation

the plane Jeff rode on and got rocked.
He has it on video.