Tuesday, June 14, 2016

learning to water ski!

Another exciting part about our weekend at the lake was Isaac learning how to water ski. It took them a bit to figure out the trainer water skis and I honestly didn't know if he would get up after his first attempt. 

Saturday night John and Jeff read the directions and thought they had the ski figured out. John got in with Isaac and Isaac seemed pretty excited. Little did we know we weren't supposed to drive the boat fast. Jeff went too fast and Isaac couldn't get up and was pretty much being pulled by the skis while he was pretty much sitting on them. He said his feet hurt and all this stuff. We quit for the evening. 

On Sunday morning we got up and our plan was for Isaac to get up and try again. He had other plans- not to. I did all my talking about how it takes more than one try to try a sport and you don't always get it the first time. He didn't seem to be taking my bait. Then we just forgot about it and planned to go for a boat ride. Right before we got on the boat I asked him if he wanted to bring the skiis and he hesitated- so I offered him a couple bucks and he said he would go for it! I know, bribery... probably not the best tactic but I really wanted him to try again so he wouldn't have a bad feeling about it. 

We got him all set up. This time John drove the boat and what do you know, he got up on his first try on Sunday morning! 

He was pretty proud of himself. 

I was pretty proud, too. 


ready to go

Jeff's turn to help