Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day

In years passed we have celebrated Father's Day at the lake with Jeff's parents. This year they were going to be back and forth to Sioux Falls for Linda's class reunion and we were invited to our friends for the day on Saturday. We missed spending time with John and Linda this year. 

Jeff woke up Father's Day morning and hit the ground running.... mowing the lawn and cleaning out my car! Not a very relaxing way to start our day, but that's what he wanted to do. 

Father's Day evening we went swimming with some of my family, followed by a barbecue and then a little fun golf. They kids had a great time and it was nice and relaxing for the adults. 

Father's Day with my dad

My Dad and the kids

kiddos with Jeff

helping anna golf!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

camp leif erickson

The kids are doing camp Leif Erickson this week and next.

Isaac is in the regular camp with lots of friends from school and our neighborhood. They go until 4pm 

Anna is doing Little Vikes with some younger kids- more specifically Sullivan. They finish at noon and we usually continue the playdate until the afternoon.

So far, so good. They are both having a great time and come home happy, dirty and tired. 

ready for the rainy morning 

picking up Sullivan and Anna

learning to water ski!

Another exciting part about our weekend at the lake was Isaac learning how to water ski. It took them a bit to figure out the trainer water skis and I honestly didn't know if he would get up after his first attempt. 

Saturday night John and Jeff read the directions and thought they had the ski figured out. John got in with Isaac and Isaac seemed pretty excited. Little did we know we weren't supposed to drive the boat fast. Jeff went too fast and Isaac couldn't get up and was pretty much being pulled by the skis while he was pretty much sitting on them. He said his feet hurt and all this stuff. We quit for the evening. 

On Sunday morning we got up and our plan was for Isaac to get up and try again. He had other plans- not to. I did all my talking about how it takes more than one try to try a sport and you don't always get it the first time. He didn't seem to be taking my bait. Then we just forgot about it and planned to go for a boat ride. Right before we got on the boat I asked him if he wanted to bring the skiis and he hesitated- so I offered him a couple bucks and he said he would go for it! I know, bribery... probably not the best tactic but I really wanted him to try again so he wouldn't have a bad feeling about it. 

We got him all set up. This time John drove the boat and what do you know, he got up on his first try on Sunday morning! 

He was pretty proud of himself. 

I was pretty proud, too. 


ready to go

Jeff's turn to help

perfect lake weekend

Last weekend we had some really warm weather and we were right where we needed to be- the lake! We spend the entire day on Saturday and the morning Sunday by the water. The kids played games with grandpa Johnny, they played in the sand, they went on the jet ski, they searched from rocks, played on the lily pad, and just hung out. What a great weekend!

snorkel buddy

cooling off on the lily pad

hanging with grandpa johnny

snorkel girl

searching for the perfect rock

evening boat cruise

jet ski rides

Jeff and Rudy on the jet ski!

we love summer!

With the nice warm days we have been enjoying our summer vacation. We have been sleeping in and getting stuff done. Isaac started a golf program and we were able to go to water water west (as Anna calls it). Anna has mastered sleeping in and it's amazing. 

golfing with his school friend

summer love

kid toes

t ball

To our surprise Anna wanted to try out t ball this year and it has been so fun! She has come a long way from week one. She has a long ways to go, but it is so cute watching her hit that ball and run those bases. It is also been hilarious watching the whole team chase after a ball that has been hit into the outfield. 

We are pretty confident that her favorite part is the snacks at the end. 

Anna warming up

hitting the ball!

running the bases!

playing in the outfield

coach pitch baseball

We are having so much fun watching Isaac play baseball this year. He is having so much fun playing. He is on basically the same team as last year and lucky for everyone it is all his classmates in school. So not only does Isaac know all the kids on his team but we know all the families. It has been so much fun getting to know everyone and spending time with them week after week. 

The boys play ball, most of the dads help, the moms watch and chit chat and the younger siblings play together. It truly is a win win for everyone. 

The boys are getting so much better and it's so much fun watching them make plays and get big hits! It is most fun seeing their excited faces when they play well. 

Isaac and Rylan

batter batter, Isaac

big hit!

Isaac playing catcher

the team at the canaries game

All the younger siblings playing at the game

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff turned the big 42 yesterday! 

He had a really busy day at work and an air show meeting so none of even got to give him and birthday love when he left the house before 7. 

He came home from work and the kids gave him their present and cards. We went to dinner with his parents at The Ref. 

Isaac had a baseball game last evening so I invited everyone to come out and cheer him on and to wish Jeff a happy birthday. We had a pretty awesome turn out- thank you! After the game we all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. 

It was a pretty good evening. 

Happy Birthday Jeff, We love you so much. I hit the jackpot the day I met you. 

Always and forever, lovelove. 

baseball game!

hanging with their daddy. 

I love peonies!

 How gorgeous are these flowers!? 

I do have to say I am pretty proud of myself for putting this flower arrangement together. 

Avera Twin Study

Suzie and I are taking part in the Avera twin study. We had our first meeting yesterday morning to fill out some paperwork and do a swab test. The biggest excitement for us is that after 36 years we are going to finally find out if we are identical or not!

We wont know until the fall when they run the test.

Lots of fun and exciting things to come from this study in the near future. 

Avera Institute of Human Genetics

DNA test!

Newton Hills

Dave and Sullivan rented a cabin at Newton Hills for the night before Sullivan's Birthday and invited us to come out for dinner and a bon fire- then Isaac would stay overnight with them.

We came straight from the lake so we had everything with us- even the dogs. It was a gorgeous evening and the kids had a great time. Suzie and Dave invited some other families so there were plenty of people to play with. We had a great time exploring, and just hanging out. The kids played games, had s'mores and plenty of fun.

Jeff and I took Anna home around 9 and it was hard to get Anna to leave with us. She begged to stay but I just knew if she woke up in the night looking for me it would have been a bit of a disaster. So we took her home, kicking and screaming (seriously).

The night went well. Isaac said they found a playground, sat by the campfire and talked, they went to bed around 10:30 and woke up 7. They went for a nature walk in the morning before coming back to town.
Sully. Anna. Greta exploring

Isaac exploring in the woods

perfect end to the weekend

first lake weekend!

We were all excited for lake season to come back around after our cold, long winter.

We got to the lake on Saturday afternoon in the midst of a cool rainy day. Anna and I went to get pedicures while the rest hung at the cabin.

Sunday we woke to sunny skies and warmer temps so Jeff was able to help his dad get some things done. By mid afternoon we were out by the water and the kids were asking for boat rides. By the time we got out on the boat and sunscreen on Jeff saw lightening in the north so we headed back in for showers. Bad timing, I'd say. So we went to Isaac's favorite place- mini golfing. Jeff and Anna went on some rides at Arnold's Park. We went back for dinner and chill time.

Monday was another gorgeous day. Jeff took the kids on the jet ski and they swam and played on the lily pad. The water is still a little cold so they didn't swim for too long. Before we knew it we were packing up to head back home.

It was such a fun weekend and start to the fun summer ahead.

cruising to the lake with the Rudy front and center

pretty pedicure, Anna

Hole in 1! Yay, Isaac!

Matching hats with grandma

Jeff and Anna watching us golf

My sweet boy

yay for sunshine!

lake nap

Jeff and Anna cruising on the jet ski!