Saturday, May 21, 2016

spring soccer

Today we wrapped up Isaac's spring soccer season.

It was a really fun season. Isaac has improved so much over the last year. He scored many goals, played really well with his teammates, and had great sportsmanship. He would prepare before each game by watching soccer on tv. He loves playing soccer. 

His team was really good, too. They played so well together. It is fun having him play with new kids to give him a chance to meet new friends- most of them live in our neighborhood. 

his number 1 cheerleader

sliding kick.
the coach told him over and over to stay on his feet.
but he loves the sliding kick!

ball handling

big throw!

soccer stud

my 8 year old

Friday, May 20, 2016

Donuts @ Dunham

We had a little after school celebration this morning after our last day of school. There was a great turn out. The kids played and had donuts and gatorade. 

We will definitely be doing this again next year....

1st grade and some siblings

First and Last day of school

Kindergarden and second grade here we come!

August 2015
May 2016

busy days

Life has been busy.... 

Jeff was in Vegas for a few days and the kids and I were nonstop doing all our planned activities. It is hard to do it all. I was thankful for the help from my mom so we could get it all done. 

Soccer games, T- Ball, Baseball, gymnastics, etc. 

one minute she said, "I'm not tired."
the next minute she looked like this 
freezing at the soccer game

Painting at grandmas 

field day fun

more field day

Anna loves her new hat

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mom's Day

One of my favorite days of the year is Mother's Day. This year was just as great. Actually, Anna made a point to making it great. She wanted the day to be perfect for me. She and Isaac brought me homemade gifts to bed. Then, she brought me breakfast in bed and picked out my clothes so I wouldn't have to. Sweetest kids. 

Jeff was busy all day doing things from laundry, to dishes, to making lunch, to planting trees. Nice. Cant ask for anything better. 

Sunday evening we went to my parents for dinner and the whole family was there. It was a great way to end our day. 

breakfast in bed

Mom's day selfie. Jeff in the background watering. 

my little rock stars. 

Showering Sonia

Suzie and I hosted a baby shower for our friend, Sonia. It was so fun. She expecting her first baby in July and she could be more deserving. 

there were about 15 of us, the perfect size. We had lunch, cookie cake and showered her with plenty of gifts. 

Suzie and I contacted Brad a few weeks ago and had him to something for Sonia since it was Mother's Day weekend. He created a little letter about Sonia and it was really special. Sonia was in tears when she read it. 

our spread

cookie cake

beautiful flower

table decor


more flowers

serving the cake

Suzie and I with the mama to be

flowers we used from my yard

high school friends who came.
Sarah. Noelle. Nicki. Jamie. Sonia. Me. Nikki. Suzie

Saturday evening 6 of us who where at the shower got together for a girls night at the casino.

It was really fun!

Teacher Books

I was not surprised when Anna told me she wanted to make a teacher book for her teacher. This is the exact kind of thing Anna loves to do. So we made one. Then Isaac saw Anna's and wanted to make one for his teacher. Then Anna wanted to make another one for her teacher- a Packer one. 

Anna's second book


Isaac's teacher book

Anna's first book


My lilacs are blooming and they are so amazing. They smell so good and they are so beautiful. I cannot get enough of them. I wish they would last all summer long.. Anna loves them too. She will run outside to pick them and bring them to me and some neighbors. Sweetest. 


absolutely beautiful. 

Our little T- Baller

Anna started T Ball last week and she loves it. It is so sweet watching her work so hard on learning these new skills. 

She has had 2 practices and it has been so fun to watch her as she is learning these concepts of throwing a ball, hitting the ball, running bases and being on a team. The team has both boys and girls,  which is really great. 

I give the coach major credit, as well.

go Anna!

getting this thing figured out

daddy helps. 

Clean A Thon

We had our annual fundraiser for school a couple of weeks ago. It's the Clean a Thon, this year we cleaned at a nursing home near school. Isaac did his share of raising money (with the help of his mom). Thanks to all of those who helped him reach his goal. 

The kids have so much fun at the clean a thon event. We clean for an hour and then we come back to school for a carnival, pizza and a dance. It's so much fun watching them have fun with all their friends. 

We love our school!

cleaning with some kids from his class

Seahawks vs Packers.