Tuesday, April 26, 2016

pulling teeth

Isaac had a consult with an orthodontist a couple weeks ago and they recommended him having some teeth pulled. After dragging my feet for a couple of days I finally got appointment scheduled with our dentist. 

Isaac seemed totally ok with it. We didn't talk much about it prior to his appointment. But, the morning of I was trying to get out the door and he was just stalling. Then it all made sense.... he was nervous and scared. Poor kiddo. Here I was just acting like it was no big deal. But of course it is a big deal, especially to an 8 year old. We got to the dentist and he wanted to sit in the car until his appointment started and at one point he dropped his head into his lap in fear. Ugh, talk about pulling at your heart strings. 

He finally got called back and got those 2 teeth pulled like a champ! 

He hung low for about 2 hours that afternoon and then he was back to himself by the time he had a soccer game and baseball practice. 

My kid is a rockstar. 
Parenting is tough. 

before pic

right after

after- a couple holes in that mouth.