Thursday, April 28, 2016

Isaac's spring concert

Isaac had his spring concert last evening. It was the entire school 1st- 6th grade. They sounded great and it was so fun listening to and watching them.

My favorite song they sang was, "I Can Only Imagine". Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Then when 200 kids sing it, it's even more amazing.

Hard to believe his 1st grade year is coming to an end.

The whole school (1st-6th grade)
Isaac is on the far left second row up in green.

Isaac and some friends and his teacher. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April fun

selfie with my girl

blooming tulips

garage sale craziness

our neighbors new puppy -
Pax. 8 week old labradoodle.

Eye Appointments
no glasses at this time

helping Anna tie her shoes. 

spring soccer.
Excited to have Sophia watching
(and lots of other family)

back on the golf course with grandpa

watching Capri at her ice skating show

pulling teeth

Isaac had a consult with an orthodontist a couple weeks ago and they recommended him having some teeth pulled. After dragging my feet for a couple of days I finally got appointment scheduled with our dentist. 

Isaac seemed totally ok with it. We didn't talk much about it prior to his appointment. But, the morning of I was trying to get out the door and he was just stalling. Then it all made sense.... he was nervous and scared. Poor kiddo. Here I was just acting like it was no big deal. But of course it is a big deal, especially to an 8 year old. We got to the dentist and he wanted to sit in the car until his appointment started and at one point he dropped his head into his lap in fear. Ugh, talk about pulling at your heart strings. 

He finally got called back and got those 2 teeth pulled like a champ! 

He hung low for about 2 hours that afternoon and then he was back to himself by the time he had a soccer game and baseball practice. 

My kid is a rockstar. 
Parenting is tough. 

before pic

right after

after- a couple holes in that mouth. 

love notes

While we were in church last weekend the kids were coloring some pages and Isaac gave Anna the page he wrote with a note at the bottom that read, "Anna is the best sister." So, Anna wrote a note back to hime (with my help spelling), "Dear Isaac, I love you. My brother forever. I love you as much as anything."

proud mom moment

Anna's note to Isaac

Isaac's note to Anna

family date night

We took the kids to dinner and a play on Saturday night. We had been looking forward to this night for a long time as the play was, Annie. Anna loves the movie. 

We went to the Diner downtown for dinner where we all had dessert before dinner. Lots of laughs and plenty of love to go around. 

After dinner we walked to the Pavillion for the play. Bummer to say it wasn't as good as we were hoping. Isaac feel asleep early into the second half. Anna stayed away with the hopes of seeing the dog again. Thankfully, the dog made one final appearance at the end of the play. 

We still had fun. Family nights are my most favorite. 

the boys 

the girls

family selfie


my crew

tired kid

Monday, April 18, 2016

not so fun first

This morning Anna said she had a tummy ache- I just figured she was trying to find a way to stay home from school. So, off she went. 

I got a call from the school at 8:20am saying Anna threw up at school. Not only did she throw up at school, but she threw up on her teacher! No!! 

We are home snuggling on the couch.... hoping this bug goes away in a hurry

sick little girl

Anna's spring concert

Last Friday Anna had her spring concert. 

To say she was excited would be an understatement. She has been practicing for weeks and couldn't wait for the big day. 

When she first took her place she looked nervous. She found us in the seats and you could see the nerves melt away. She stood proud and sang all the songs and did all the correct actions. During a couple of her favorite songs (A you're adorable, B your so beautiful - being one) you could hear her singing above the rest of the group. It was pretty sweet and I was grinning ear to ear watching her. 

When we finished we went to lunch with my parents. 

Hard to believe this is her last preschool program before she is in kindergarten next year. 

happy girl

in her new dress for the program

doing all the right moves

at lunch with grandpa Paul and grandma Mary

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

kindergarten shots

We have been dreading kindergarten shots for a long time. A really long time. A few weeks ago I was talking to Anna about it and she wanted me to call and talk to the nurse and tell her how nervous she was and to schedule it, so I did just that. I told the receptionist that she was scared and the receptionist reassured us that a lot of kids coming in for their kindergarten shots are scared. 

So we had our appointment yesterday. She was a champ. She weighs 41 pounds (55%) and is 44 inches tall (65%). The only red flag she had during her exam was her eye exam. She couldn't read as much as they wanted her to so we do have a follow up appointment with an eye doc at the end of the month. Maybe it's nothing... but maybe she will have to get glasses! Ahhh. We will see. 

She was so brave for her shots. I laid above her and held her hands. She didn't even have one tear. Her eyes just got big when they gave her the shots. But when she was finished she was so proud of herself. 

She is going to be in kindergarten next year, whether I like it or not. 

Stop. Growing. Up.

I love her so much, all the way to the stars and rainbows. 

prekindergarten exam

Isaac is 8!

Isaac woke up on his birthday morning and came in next to me and snuggled in and said, "mom, I'm 8 today!" Sweetest 8 year old, ever.

He had a great birthday. We celebrated with family one evening and then had big friend birthday at Skyzone. 

Here is my chance to brag about my 8 year old. 

Isaac is an incredible kid. He loves everything sports- mostly football, basketball, baseball and soccer. He specifically loves the Seahawks and Notre Dame. He loves to be outside with all the neighbor kids- playing games, riding bikes, just hanging. He is so good to the little kids in his life (more specifically Suzie's kids). He loves hanging with all his cousins. He is a really social kid. He is smart, funny, sensitive, brave, a really good big brother to Anna. He also loves school. He is doing really well, too. It's really fun to see him learn and read so well. He is also rocking at his guitar lessons. Playing songs and reading music. I am so proud of him. 

It is so fun watching him grow up. I can't wait to see what our future holds with this kid. I have a feeling he is going to be something amazing. I do love being his cheerleader. 

Cherry Berry birthday treat

family birthday dinner

birthday party with friends

my dad

On Saturday, March 12th I was at a play with Suzie, Dave and Jeff. My mom sent a text around intermission with a short note to our family stating that my dad had been admitted to the hospital that afternoon and it was nothing serious. Of course, the texts start flying around with questions and concerns. None of us really knew what was going on but he was admitted for a bowel obstruction. 

They wanted the obstruction to try to heal itself so they had him resting in the hospital until Tuesday when they started doing more tests and realizing it wasn't getting better. He had to go through some pretty crappy days. Tuesday evening they took him into surgery to try to fix the problem. This whole time our parents kept telling us kids not to come and they were fine. We were worried.

Surgery went well. The surgeon said there was some entanglement of the small and large intestine causing the blockage. They had to fix that and they did end up removing about an inch of his small intestine. He was set to be discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

My mom got to the hospital Saturday morning (3/19) and he had taken a turn for the worse. He had development some complications from surgery and had been throwing up. They had to take a few steps back and it really was awful. My dad was getting weaker as they wouldn't let him eat or drink anything for over a week. My mom was emotionally and mentally exhausted. 

Alex flew out Sunday morning to help. Help however he could help- he found his best place was to wake up early and to sit with my dad in the hospital. He gave my mom a break and he was a new person for my dad to hang with. He and my mom would go out for lunch every afternoon. He stayed until Friday. 

My dad was finally discharged on Thursday, March 24th. Alex was able to get them home and get them settled before he went home. 

I flew out to help and be with them on Saturday, March 26th - Wednesday, March 30th. 

The first day I got there my dad was weak and slow and couldn't do much for himself. I felt my position was to help him, help my mom in anyway possible. I prepared his meals, helped him get his socks on, get him his coffee, lend him a hand to get up, opened his car door, drove him to where he wanted to go and walk. I did notice right away that he was wearing khaki shorts and a belt and I knew that was not comfortable with an 8 inch diagonal scar down his tummy. After we walked to meet some friends for cards we went to get him some sweat pants. He wore those sweat pants everyday I was there. 

new pants!

The second day I was there we went for a walk in the morning down the beach. We made it about 2 blocks and stopped for a break on a bench in front of the Del. He asked me to run ahead to save us a spot so he could take a break. After sitting there for 10-15 minutes and a phone call to his sister we walked back to the condo. That afternoon we went to a movie, which was a nice outing. On our way back to the condo we stopped for a malt- delish.

walking along the boardwalk

pretty awesome view

movie fun!

On Monday (day 3), our morning walk was to go get my dad a much needed haircut. We had to stop about half way there and back for a break. While we were there it was fun to listen to my dad talk to his barber. The funny conversation I overheard was when she asked him if I was his girlfriend. Ha!

That afternoon we had a follow up appointment with the on call surgeon as we had been in touch with him over the weekend regarding some redness around part of his incision. There was in fact some infection developing. More setback.

much needed haircut

On my last day of being there we walked to breakfast and home. He didn't have to stop for a break at all. And, he was walking faster. It truly was amazing how much he improved over my 5 days there. I actually even changed my dads dressing on his incision from the infection. I am not a medical person so this is way out of my reach. I did ok, but I hope I wont have to do this again, ever. 

While my dad had card games and visitors from friends my mom and I took some time to organize closets and clean out some things that hadn't been touched in years. We had fun. We also had time to do a little fun shopping. We took evening walks everyday and the flowers were blooming and it was so gorgeous. We had a great time hanging out. We had lots of laughs, lots of talks, some tears. My mom amazes me. She is truly the greatest. She just gets me. She is my number one cheerleader. Always telling me how proud she is of me and how I am just what she needs. She is just what I need, too. 

When my mom dropped me off at the airport, I got really emotional. Like, couldn't stop crying. She gave me a big hug and told me through her own tears, "you are my best friend." All I could tell her was that I loved her and had to walk away. Although, I am sure she knows she is my best friend, too. I cried the whole way home. 

daily walks by the beach

pretty roses

My dad getting sick has been crappy. Totally crappy. It is really hard seeing my parents go thru this. I have shed so many tears and been really scared the last couple of weeks. I know he is getting better everyday but he has a long ways to go to be back to his old self. I know he will get there, my dad is a fighter.

Suzie (and Piper) went out the day I got home and came home on Sunday. Liz and Sam flew out this morning. Sam and my Dad are planning on Flying home on Friday and Liz and my Mom are going to drive home on Thursday. Let'g get everyone back to Sioux Falls where we all belong!

My other best person in my world being so supportive is Jeff. When I told him I needed to go to CA, he got on the computer and booked my flight within 20 minutes. He was super dad and carted the kids from one friends to another as they were out of school when I was gone. He wiped Anna's tears when I would FaceTime her and she would cry because she missed me. He held my hand and hugged me tight when I was scared or sad. He didn't get mad at me when I forgot my drivers license at home as we were getting to the airport and had to race me all the way back home to get it and try to not to miss my flight, oops!


This year Easter was a little different.

I was called away to California to be with my parents (more on that in another blog post) and Jeff was  home with the kids. I was sad about not being with my sweet little family but knew Jeff had everything taken care of with the kids and they would be so busy with cousins and so many fun people. 

Jeff and the kids woke up to 6 inches of snow! He had to shovel so they were running a little late to church so they ended up going to the overflow mass. It turned out for the best as they got to sit with one of Isaac's school friends. After church they went to an annual Easter lunch and egg hunt at the Willard farm with family and friends. They hunted to eggs in the snow and had a great time. Jeff said they didn't get home until after 4. 

They had a great time. 

my 3 favorite humans.