Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Since my kids are getting older and my mornings allow me a little free time, I have taken on a new little commitment. It's a fun one, too. I have been taking Suzie's little girl, Greta to kindermusik.

I truly love spending this one on one time with her. When I pick her up I tell her to say bye to her mom and she just says, "bye mom." Off we go, no big deal. I am sure it helps that I bring her lots of gummy snacks and juice boxes. She also gets my complete attention for an hour and a half. She tells me all kinds of stories and when we get to music class we run really fast to beat the cold morning and she giggles and giggles. Her sweetness melts my heart. When we get into music class she likes to stick by me but she does venture away to play with the other kids. But she always gives a look back at me for pace of mind.  We play, jump, swing, slide, sing and play. 

When kindermusik is over we race to get Anna from school and GG loves doing that, too. She loves to see all the big kids walking by and loves to see Anna. 

I love this sweet, spunky girl. 

My GG.