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Girls Weekend

It's really hard finding a weekend that works for all of us. We talked about going in December but life was so crazy. We briefly mentioned going this passed weekend a few months ago and it kind of withered away with other things going on. Then a few weeks ago a group message was passed around about this passed weekend and it actually worked!

My wonderful mom friends, Lisa and Ellen are who I am talking about. We have known each other since we were very young- like 7 or 8 years old. But we became wonderful friends when Isaac was little- maybe a year or so. We have stuck together over the years. Sometime we meet at the park for a quick playdate, sometime we go to dinner just as adults, and sometimes its just a group chat. It has been fun. 

So it was the three moms and 4 girls.

We arrived on Friday evening for pizza and swimming. On Saturday morning we did rides at the MOA followed by lunch at the American Girl Bistro. After lunch we did some mom shopping and then dinner and more swimming and girl time. On Sunday we hit a couple more stores before hitting the road on the way home. 

We came up with a team name, or a couple team names. The favorite was, girls rule- boys drool! Another was the glitter girls. The girls had so much fun. 

Anna cried when our friends dropped us off. She was so sad to see the weekend come to an end. I was, too. 

pizza and swimming

rides with my girl. 

lunch. With Isabelle and Molly

our lunch crew
travel crew

the best. 

sending Molly off to get new hair at the AG hospital 

Strawberry shake with my girl. 

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