Friday, March 25, 2016

sweet talkers

I was talking about heaven with Isaac a couple of days ago and he was telling me how everyone who goes to heaven is a saint. So I asked him, "do you think Wally (my grandpa) is a saint?" He replied, "if he makes it to heaven." I assured him I am sure he made it to heaven. Then I asked him if he thinks I will go to heaven. His reply, "of course you will go to heaven." I said, "how come?" He said, "because you always take us to do fun things on the weekends."

My Isaac

The other morning when Anna was home sick from school she looked up at me and said, "mom, you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen."

My Anna

How sweet is that? 

Children's museum

Fun day today! 

I took my kids and my friend, Nikki's kids to the South Dakota Children's Museum in Brookings. It was super busy there with no school but we managed to find our way just fine. The kids all played so well together and the 4 hours we were there flew by. 

These kids are going to be lifelong friends. Isaac and Rylan are in 1st grade together and Anna and Alex are in jump start together.  

Anna. Alex. Rylan. Isaac

Easter Eggs!

We dyed easter eggs yesterday afternoon. I found some alternative ways to decorate them- tie dying, glitter and regular. They were all fun, however my favorite was the tie dying. No surprise, Anna was into it from start to finish, Isaac was just there for a few minutes. It was still fun. 

eggs before

Anna and her glitter

Isaac working on his

hanging with my little besties

finished product

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Peppa Pig

We went to Peppa Pig last evening in Sioux City. It was a fun crew: Suzie, Sullivan, Greta, Isaac, Anna and me. Anna was totally into it. Singing along and doing all the moves. Isaac made the most of it, even though he may be a little old for Peppa. Suzie's kids loved it, too

mandatory toys. 

our crew of kiddos


my loves. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Girls Weekend

It's really hard finding a weekend that works for all of us. We talked about going in December but life was so crazy. We briefly mentioned going this passed weekend a few months ago and it kind of withered away with other things going on. Then a few weeks ago a group message was passed around about this passed weekend and it actually worked!

My wonderful mom friends, Lisa and Ellen are who I am talking about. We have known each other since we were very young- like 7 or 8 years old. But we became wonderful friends when Isaac was little- maybe a year or so. We have stuck together over the years. Sometime we meet at the park for a quick playdate, sometime we go to dinner just as adults, and sometimes its just a group chat. It has been fun. 

So it was the three moms and 4 girls.

We arrived on Friday evening for pizza and swimming. On Saturday morning we did rides at the MOA followed by lunch at the American Girl Bistro. After lunch we did some mom shopping and then dinner and more swimming and girl time. On Sunday we hit a couple more stores before hitting the road on the way home. 

We came up with a team name, or a couple team names. The favorite was, girls rule- boys drool! Another was the glitter girls. The girls had so much fun. 

Anna cried when our friends dropped us off. She was so sad to see the weekend come to an end. I was, too. 

pizza and swimming

rides with my girl. 

lunch. With Isabelle and Molly

our lunch crew
travel crew

the best. 

sending Molly off to get new hair at the AG hospital 

Strawberry shake with my girl. 

basketball stud

Isaac just completed his second year of basketball and loved every second of it. He is pretty confident they won the championship and won every game of the season, even though they don't keep score. 

It was really fun watching the kids play. All the kids on his team are school buddies, so that makes it even more fun as we know all the kids and their parents. 

Isaac and all his buddies made so many huge improvements over the year. Early on there wasn't much passing and a lot of ball hogging. By the end of the year the kids were all doing so well with passing, defense, dribbling, baskets and everything else basketball. 

We can't wait for next year!

Heat 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

free juice boxes for sale!

Anna has found a new favorite hobby. Riding that bike. She rides it all day, everyday. She is always asking to go for a ride.

But, there is an added twist. Since Friday evening she got an idea for our neighbor to give away water and juice boxes.

She loads up her backpack and drives down the street saying, "free juice boxes for sale"! All over the place, we don't stop until our supply is empty. She loves to give them away and loves to make kids happy they are getting juice boxes.

She has the biggest heart, ever.

the sweetest thing

Last week when I picked Anna up from school I asked her how recess was that morning. Here is our discussion. 

M: How was recess? 
A: It was GREAT!
M: Oh, awesome! What was so great about it? 
A: Isaac came and got me and took me to where he was playing soccer and asked me to watch him.
M: Oh, that is the sweetest thing.
A: I had so much fun cheering for him! 
M: Oh good, that makes my heart so happy. 
A: Then after recess he walked me to my line and gave me a hug goodbye. 
M: (tears in my eyes)

my whole heart

growing pains?

love her

I love my time with Anna while Isaac is at school in the afternoons. We have planned activities some days, errands some days, we spend time with Suzie and her kids some days, and some days we just hang at home.  The time always goes fast. 

However, she is going through a really tough phase. 

Dropping her off at school, being at gymnastics and having babysitters has become so painful.

The first challenge- dropping her off at school. Whether it's Jeff or myself, it has become a major challenge. It has been so easy all year up until about a month ago. She told Jeff one morning she had to go to the bathroom so he took her when they got to school only she didn't have to go- first red flag. The next day I took her and the same thing happened. I knew she was just doing this to hang onto us for a few more minutes. We had some serious heart to hearts and she was feeling scared. So we made a brave chart at home and now when we take her to school we find a teacher for her to stand with until she is comfortable to find her friends. It's working. 

The next challenge- gymnastic. She has always loved going to gymnastics. Until the last couple of weeks. Now she goes into the room and warms up and seems to be having fun until something clicks in her mind and she is so scared because she thinks I leave. I don't leave. She comes running out crying and gripping me begging me not to go back in there. I keep encouraging her to go back and reassure her that I am not going to leave and to be brave. We are working on it. 

The final challenge- babysitters. She cries and cries when I go. She can't hold it together and begs for me to stay. It is so hard. I feel so bad for her but I also know it's good for me to get out once in a while. She even does it when I leave her home with Jeff. I just keep talk about being brave and she works through it. We are working on it. 

It breaks my heart to see her sad, scared, and anxious. I just want her to know it is going to be ok. I know parenting has its highs and lows and challenges and rewards. I know this is just a phase and it too, will pass. It's hard and emotional and frustrating. I just keep trying to put myself in her shoes and think about how I was scared when I was little girl. It sucked. But I also know I can't give up and stop gymnastics or getting babysitters... this is life. I have to show her we don't just give up when we are scared, even though sometimes that would just be the easy way out. 

I'm just chalking it up to growing pains at this moment. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Since my kids are getting older and my mornings allow me a little free time, I have taken on a new little commitment. It's a fun one, too. I have been taking Suzie's little girl, Greta to kindermusik.

I truly love spending this one on one time with her. When I pick her up I tell her to say bye to her mom and she just says, "bye mom." Off we go, no big deal. I am sure it helps that I bring her lots of gummy snacks and juice boxes. She also gets my complete attention for an hour and a half. She tells me all kinds of stories and when we get to music class we run really fast to beat the cold morning and she giggles and giggles. Her sweetness melts my heart. When we get into music class she likes to stick by me but she does venture away to play with the other kids. But she always gives a look back at me for pace of mind.  We play, jump, swing, slide, sing and play. 

When kindermusik is over we race to get Anna from school and GG loves doing that, too. She loves to see all the big kids walking by and loves to see Anna. 

I love this sweet, spunky girl. 

My GG. 

My Birthday - the big 36!

Wow, what a gorgeous day for a birthday. The weather was absolutely perfect. 

My mom and I went for a big walk in the morning. Anna and I went to lunch with a couple of my favorite neighbors. We were celebrating Tammy's birthday, too. Then we just hung outside while Anna worked more on her bike riding skills. We picked Isaac up from school and came home and spent the rest of the afternoon outside with kids and friends. It was a really good day. 

Monday evening we went to my parent's house to have pizza. 

The end of the day was spent watching on of my favorite shows, The Bachelor with Jeff. 

morning walk with my mom

love these ladies. 

bday celebration with Suz

my favorite duo

finishing the day with my JJ