Sunday, February 21, 2016

weekend love

It's not very often we get 40 degree weather in February. We took it all in this weekend spending most of the afternoon outside on Saturday. The kids played basketball, rode bikes, jumped in puddles, played catch, moved snow and just hung out. 

Sunday we went to a fundraiser for Sullivan's preschool and the kids had so much fun. An afternoon full of kids activities at the Pavilion. 

Jeff and I also had some fun activities going on, too. Friday night we went out to celebrate a friend's 40th and Saturday evening we had the Extravaganza- fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. We have been going to this for a few years and really enjoy going with some friends from school. 

It's Monday, already! boo! 


puddle jumping

hanging with the neighbors.
serious game of ball

Dress up at the Pavilion.
Anna surprised Sully in a spider girl outfit.  

sweetest 5
(Greta. Anna. Sully. Isaac. Piper)

family love

decorating the Christmas tree