Monday, February 29, 2016

Jeff's weekend away... and we stayed to play

Jeff went on his annual skiing weekend with his buddies to Montana. They had a great time and skied  for 4 days. He did send me a video at one point of thunder snow stating they closed the mountain for 2 hours because of it, makes sense. He was gone Wednesday - Sunday. 

Lone Mountain

Jeff's selfie


While he was gone I told the kids they could sleep in bed with me. I didn't even have to tell them twice. They were in bed and usually all on my half of the bed most of the time. It was pretty cozy. The sweetest thing was yesterday morning waking up to them whispering to each other about their dreams. 

We also spent most of the weekend with Suzie and her kids as Dave was in New York for the weekend with a friend. We all went to Isaac's basketball game on Saturday morning and came to our house for lunch. 

After lunch Suzie took her girls home and Sully stayed to hang with the big kids. We had some neighbors over and we played outside all day. It was so nice out- in the 60's. Saturday evening we had a pizza party at Suzie's house. 

On Sunday Suzie and I had play tickets to Once. We took my mom and aunt as our dates. It was so good. So good. 

We had a busy, fun weekend!

My sleeping beauties 
The crew.
Greta. Isaac. Sullivan. Suzie. Piper. Anna.
(notice Anna holding Piper's hand)

Capri and Anna showing Sully how to ride the bike!

fun afternoon with some music ended with a dead battery.
Thankful for helpful neighbors!

grocery shopping- they love those small carts. 

Me. Mary Ellen. Suzie. Jo