Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Isaac's little notes

As Isaac gets older and his printing gets better I am finding more and more notes around the house and little letters coming home from school. To say I love it is an understatement. I love love love it! When I open a notebook to a page with a little note typed in it my heart jumps a little. I especially love to read what it on his mind. I came across the following 3 in the last week. 

The first one is a note to his cousins. 
It says: Owin and Capie and Shopha you are the best ever well excep God.

The second one says: Anna is swaring Mon 4:15 
(I am sure there was a little disagreement in the car, that's where I found the note)

The third one says: To Mom Love Isaac XOXOXOXOX I <3 nbsp="" p="" you="">
(This one came home from school one day)

Anna wrote me one, too!
It says: <3 anna.="" mom="" nbsp="" p="">