Monday, February 8, 2016

divide and conquer

My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go with Isaac, her and her son to a Stampede game on Saturday evening. Jeff got us the box suite from his work so we had 6 seats. We took 2 of their friends from school. So it was 4 boys and the 2 of us. 

Jeff and Anna had their own date night planned- Pizza Ranch and a movie. 

I picked up Nikki and off we went. We had plans to go to Chili's but by the time we go there the wait was a half an hour. So we went to about 3 other places and they all had long waits. We ended up at Cracker Barrel. Ha. Random. 

We got to the game and the boys were crazy. Wrestling, playing, cheering, fighting, begging for snacks, taking off their shirts to dance, etc. It was crazy. 

my date (and Anna)

Jeff and Anna before their date

Nikki and I with the crazy boys