Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blizzard Party

Monday evening there was no snow on the ground and we only had warnings out for a blizzard. The Sioux Falls School district did something they barely ever do- called school off before the next day and before the weather actually hit. 

Good move! Tuesday morning still no weather..... 9am came around and boy things made a turn for the worst. The snow started and the wind came and the day wore on and it got worse and worse. I was so happy to be in my home. 

The kids played at the neighbors in the morning and in the afternoon we had some neighbors over at our house. 9 kiddos ages 5-11took over my house. It was fun and crazy. 

I was ready for our routine but then they delayed school today for a 2 hour late start. Now we are back to normal. 

This is how we celebrate a blizzard in our neighborhood!