Monday, February 29, 2016

No more training wheels!

Another big huge part of our weekend was Anna's big accomplishment! We saw the kid across the street trying to bike without training wheels and I offered Anna a try without her training wheels, she was so excited! 

With so much help from my neighbor, Bridgett (since Jeff was gone) we got those training wheels off. We spent the next couple of hours going up and down the street. Every try she got a little more brave. She got a little more sturdy. She got a little faster. Then she went on her own! She was so excited and proud of herself. 

She had lots of cheerleaders! I am so proud of her! Just one owie from the day, not bad!

Go Anna!

Jeff's weekend away... and we stayed to play

Jeff went on his annual skiing weekend with his buddies to Montana. They had a great time and skied  for 4 days. He did send me a video at one point of thunder snow stating they closed the mountain for 2 hours because of it, makes sense. He was gone Wednesday - Sunday. 

Lone Mountain

Jeff's selfie


While he was gone I told the kids they could sleep in bed with me. I didn't even have to tell them twice. They were in bed and usually all on my half of the bed most of the time. It was pretty cozy. The sweetest thing was yesterday morning waking up to them whispering to each other about their dreams. 

We also spent most of the weekend with Suzie and her kids as Dave was in New York for the weekend with a friend. We all went to Isaac's basketball game on Saturday morning and came to our house for lunch. 

After lunch Suzie took her girls home and Sully stayed to hang with the big kids. We had some neighbors over and we played outside all day. It was so nice out- in the 60's. Saturday evening we had a pizza party at Suzie's house. 

On Sunday Suzie and I had play tickets to Once. We took my mom and aunt as our dates. It was so good. So good. 

We had a busy, fun weekend!

My sleeping beauties 
The crew.
Greta. Isaac. Sullivan. Suzie. Piper. Anna.
(notice Anna holding Piper's hand)

Capri and Anna showing Sully how to ride the bike!

fun afternoon with some music ended with a dead battery.
Thankful for helpful neighbors!

grocery shopping- they love those small carts. 

Me. Mary Ellen. Suzie. Jo

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Isaac's little notes

As Isaac gets older and his printing gets better I am finding more and more notes around the house and little letters coming home from school. To say I love it is an understatement. I love love love it! When I open a notebook to a page with a little note typed in it my heart jumps a little. I especially love to read what it on his mind. I came across the following 3 in the last week. 

The first one is a note to his cousins. 
It says: Owin and Capie and Shopha you are the best ever well excep God.

The second one says: Anna is swaring Mon 4:15 
(I am sure there was a little disagreement in the car, that's where I found the note)

The third one says: To Mom Love Isaac XOXOXOXOX I <3 nbsp="" p="" you="">
(This one came home from school one day)

Anna wrote me one, too!
It says: <3 anna.="" mom="" nbsp="" p="">

Happy Birthday OZ!

Our favorite old doggy, Ozzy turned 14! The kiddos celebrated with him with lots of snuggles. The dogs had doggy ice cream and the kids had cupcakes and cookies. 

I have felt in the passed year Ozzy has had some downhill moments. But it never lasts long. The next thing I know he is jumping up and looking for treats. 

I am not sure how much more time he has with us, but we will take all we can get. He is such a great dog. Rudy loves him to pieces, too. 

Rudy. Isaac. Anna. Ozzy

Sunday, February 21, 2016

weekend love

It's not very often we get 40 degree weather in February. We took it all in this weekend spending most of the afternoon outside on Saturday. The kids played basketball, rode bikes, jumped in puddles, played catch, moved snow and just hung out. 

Sunday we went to a fundraiser for Sullivan's preschool and the kids had so much fun. An afternoon full of kids activities at the Pavilion. 

Jeff and I also had some fun activities going on, too. Friday night we went out to celebrate a friend's 40th and Saturday evening we had the Extravaganza- fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. We have been going to this for a few years and really enjoy going with some friends from school. 

It's Monday, already! boo! 


puddle jumping

hanging with the neighbors.
serious game of ball

Dress up at the Pavilion.
Anna surprised Sully in a spider girl outfit.  

sweetest 5
(Greta. Anna. Sully. Isaac. Piper)

family love

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We spent the last week in Vail. We had so much fun together. I am positive these trips bring us so much closer together as a family. I never want it to end!

Jeff drove out a day early with all our stuff for skiing and outdoor activities. The kids and I flew out Tuesday afternoon. There ended up being a flight delay so that was a bummer. But they got the problem solved within a couple hours so we were back on the plane and on our way. 

The kids were scheduled for ski school on Wednesday and Friday which took the whole day. On Wednesday I had a chance to explore by myself as Jeff was skiing, too. By exploring, I mean shopping. I did get the opportunity to meet Jeff for lunch and an afternoon beer before picking up the kids. 

Thursday was kids choice day. Anna chose ice skating and Isaac chose bowling. It was really fun. We ended up skating twice- once in the afternoon and once in the evening under the lights. It was definitely pretty magical. We also hit up the candy store and they each got to pick out a toy for themselves and a couple dog toys for Rudy at a pet boutique. We were all pretty happy. 

Friday the kids went back to ski school and Jeff and I skied together. It is the best when we get to hang together. We skied all morning into the early afternoon. After lunch we skied a bit more before I pooped out and sent him out on his own before we got the kids. 

Saturday Isaac and Jeff skied all day and Anna and I had a girls day. Her most favorite thing, ever. We went to a kids activity place and the library. 

Sunday we hit the road and drove all the way home. It was an unforgettable Valentine's day...not! But we were happy to be home and sleep in our own beds. 

All in all it was a great trip. So many memories made. I can't wait go back!

my travel buddies


more delays

Afternoon beers with this guy

gorgeous scenery


Vail Fire Dept.. my love for the Bachelor.
Ryan Sutter from the Bachelorette works here.



family time

my favorite

help me, daddy!

night skating- magical

more beautiful scenery

thats my guy over there in the orange pants!

skiing together

couldn't stop taking in the scenery

happy to see daddy after ski school!

top of Vail mtn with the kids after skiing all day

my best accomplishments

love daddy

playing at the vet clinic

making pizza

painting dogs

happy girl at the library

hitting the slopes with Jeff


Jeff's best ski buddy

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sophia's Confirmation

So, 15 (almost 16) years ago when Sophia was born she changed my life. She truly changed my purpose in life. The minute I laid eyes on her my heart did something I didn't know was possible. I didn't know I could love someone like that. I was young, 20ish- so the only important things in my life then were friends, college, socializing, the bar scene, etc.

Then she came along. I found myself finding every reason to be with her. The older she got, the more fun we had. When she was old enough and ready she began weekly sleepovers with me, "Mondays at Maggies." We would do anything she wanted. I always wanted it to be special for her. I just loved her so much.

Jeff and I met and life moved fast and Sophia started school, but we always had a special bond. No matter how old she gets she always takes the time to give me a hug when I see her and fill me in on her life. She always tells me she loves me when we part ways. She is incredible.

Now the bond is even better because I see a special bond she is creating with my kids. They love her so much. It seriously makes my heart so happy.

When Sophia asked me to be her sponsor for Confirmation I didn't hesitate to say yes. I was truly honored.

I look forward to being there for her and lending an ear when she needs to chat about growing up stuff. I know she trusts me and I will always be one of her biggest cheerleaders.

Sophia. Bishop Swain. Me.

My sweet Sophia

in awe
They wanted a picture, too.