Monday, January 11, 2016

open gym

The place Anna goes to gymnastics has open gym on Friday evenings. Like the kind of open gym you have when you just drop your kids off for 2 hours. Ahhh, amazing! 

So we dropped them off and went to dinner and the store. We came back after being gone for an hour and a half and we saw the kids right away and they informed us Anna was crying because she missed us and wanted to know what took so long! Ahhh, so baby steps on these parent drop off nights. 

We hung with them for a half hour before we came home. They had so much fun doing flips and jumping off the beam into the pit. Isaac was doing flips!

I really like doing these kinds of things with the kids because it gives them a chance to hang out without us. They hang together. Isaac watches out for her. They are total buddies.