Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rudy is 1!

We celebrated Rudy's 1st Birthday last week! The kids loved it! 

Both dogs got some doggy ice cream and we put a candle in Rudys. She went right after it and actually lit her hair on fire! Little moment of panic and the smell of burnt hair. Ha!

It is so fun celebrating these little things with the kids. 

We love you Rudy Roo! 


Our 5th consecutive year traveling somewhere warm with friends in January. It was so much fun! Oh my goodness. Lots of laughs and adventure and warm sunshine.

We had a couple pool days and a couple days of adventure. We went to Dunns River Falls, snorkeling and a booze cruise the first day. The next day we went the The Blue Hole, tubing and zip lining.  The Blue Hole was by far a favorite. 

What fun!

Booze Cruise

Dunns River Falls

matchy matchy

jumping into the blue hole

more jumping!


Zip Lining

Zip Lining

Pool Day!


Who plays cards in the pool? We do!

Last day

Monday, January 11, 2016

Seahawks Game!

Isaac the Seahawks fan! 

When we heard the Seahawks were coming to Minnesota to play the Vikings on Sunday there was a little glimmer of hope that maybe Jeff could take Isaac. A couple of days later one of our friends posted that they had tickets available, Jeff was hesitant to commit as he was keeping an eye on the weather. He went with it- bought the tickets. Jeff went out and bought some really cold weather gear. When Jeff told Isaac about their plans, Isaac was jumping up and down. He was so excited! 

They hit the road Saturday mid morning after Isaac's basketball game. They got checked into the hotel and then went to a local bar that was holding a pep rally for the Seahawks. Jeff said it was crazy busy. Everyone was giving Isaac high fives and lots of cheers and he was one of the only kids in there. 

Jeff was taking pictures of Isaac and he has a Cowboys phone case and the people were asking him why he had that case. He had to tell them that he is not the Seahawks fan, it's all Isaac. Jeff was just his driver. 

Sunday they loaded up and layered up. It was below zero the entire game. The game was tough to watch. Not much action. Thankfully, in the end the Seahawks won the game. Isaac said it was very intense and really cold. It is a game or Jeff will never forget!

new cold gear

can't forget Anna

pep rally for the hawks!

Anna and I having a pedi during our girls day.
She is a professional.



open gym

The place Anna goes to gymnastics has open gym on Friday evenings. Like the kind of open gym you have when you just drop your kids off for 2 hours. Ahhh, amazing! 

So we dropped them off and went to dinner and the store. We came back after being gone for an hour and a half and we saw the kids right away and they informed us Anna was crying because she missed us and wanted to know what took so long! Ahhh, so baby steps on these parent drop off nights. 

We hung with them for a half hour before we came home. They had so much fun doing flips and jumping off the beam into the pit. Isaac was doing flips!

I really like doing these kinds of things with the kids because it gives them a chance to hang out without us. They hang together. Isaac watches out for her. They are total buddies. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sledding crew

Over the weekend we had pretty mild temps and an abundance of sunshine. Suz suggested we go to Great Bear to do some tubing when Mandy had a better idea, all of us get together at their new home for the same experience minus the crazy busyness. 

So we all met out there, some of our family and some of Mandy's family. There was a big crew. The kids had so much fun. We were able to go into the house to warm up and to keep the littles when they needed a break. 

It was a fun afternoon. 

sledding crew!

NYE Celebration

After our week in Arizona for Christmas we spent a couple days at home and were back on the road to celebrate New Years with our friends in Dallas, SD. We have been going here for years- only missed one year since Jeff and I have been together. The year we missed was when Anna was weeks old and the weather was crappy. 

So off we went- once we arrived we hardly saw the kids as they were off playing with others from the minute we got there until the minute we left. 

The adults had plenty of fun, too. Relaxing, napping, reading, celebrating, socializing, eating, hunting.... that about sums it up!

All the kiddos!