Sunday, April 26, 2015

Clean a Thon

Isaac's school has an annual fundraiser called the Clean A Thon. We had fun raising money and reaching our goal so Isaac can swim with his principle next week. The school also reached the goal and actually surpassed it by $8,000 so the whole school gets to have a field trip to the zoo and have dress down days the last week of school! 

Friday night was the Clean A Thon. We cleaned for a half hour and then they had a little carnival set up for the kids. Isaac and Anna loved it. After the carnival we had pizza and then a dance party! Isaac and Anna had so much fun dancing with their friends. 

Talk about a fun night! They drew names and Isaac won the big stuffed puppy! Ha. Lucky kiddo. 

Isaac and Rylan cleaning

Dillon. Isaac. Nathan 

Jeff. Anna. Isaac


Anna playing games

Isaac playing games

new stuffed puppy!

spring concerts

Friday morning Anna had her spring concert and Isaac's was on Friday afternoon. They both did so good and looked so nice. 

I could hear Anna singing and she was standing front and center. Isaac was in the middle of the pack and did a great job on his songs and dancing to the Macarena. 

Love these moments!

Isaac's Concert:

Anna's Concert:

dressed up for the day

Anna's preschool concert

Isaac's kindergarten concert

kindermusik love

It's crazy to think we have been doing kindermusik weekly since Isaac was about 18 months old. Now that he is in school Anna and I have a weekly date to kinderumusik. It has been such a fun activity for the kids and they have always looked forward to it. 

This is the end of an era- also part of growing up. This week is Anna's last week of kindermusik. We wont be doing it next year as she will be in school 5 mornings a week. 

We have met so many people, had days when Isaac would just run around the room like crazy with his friends or when he would just sit shyly on my lap. Anna has been in the kindrmusik class always loving toys. Anna always loved the scarves and would love it when I would turn her into a princess or butterfly with the scarves. My favorite part of kindermusik for both of them was when they were younger and they had quiet time and they would put slow music on and the kids and I would sit on the blanket and rock. Some of the other kids would sit alone but mine always wanted to be held. 

Melt my heart. 

Kindermusik will be a heartwarming memory for me. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

soccer star

After Anna's last year of soccer we were going to take a couple of seasons off since she refused to play in the game.  But once we got Isaac signed up she decided she wanted to play. So we signed her up. 

This year is way better than last year. She has fun and likes to play with all the girls. She is interested in the practices and the games. She even kicks the ball a little bit. 

It's so fun! Goooooo Anna!

new hoop!

So Isaac was really really excited to get the in ground basketball hoop installed a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea how much he would appreciate it. He loves it. The second he gets home from school he asks to shoot hoops until we make him come in to do homework or dinner. On Saturday he was out there all day, in the pouring rain! I think it's safe to say this birthday present was a slam dunk! :)

Anna slam dunking!

A nightly game of HORSE

Jeff's slam

nice form, buddy!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Isaac the Zebra

So the kids in Isaac's class have been practicing their dance for the clean a thon (fundraiser for school). We got an email home saying the kids had to wear certain colors. So the night before he told us that he had to have a black shirt and white pants. Back shirt, fine. White pants, we didn't have. I told him that I was sorry but he just wont wear white pants and he can wear grey instead. He was not happy. So he started loading up his backpack with juice, water, soda and sliced cheese. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "if you don't go buy me some white pants then I will go get them myself!" Apparently, he was going to bring plenty of hydration with him. It was pretty funny. So I told him that I would go get hime some pants but he had to pay for them. So he handed me a $20 and off I went. As you can see, he got hit outfit. 

cutest zebra you ever did see

just the girls

Last weekend Anna and I headed to Minneapolis for a girls weekend. Honestly, going into the weekend I wasn't overly excited- expecting it to be a lot of work. Boy, was I wrong. 

The hardest part of the weekend was the drive there- her asking me every 10 minutes, "how much longer?" But once we got there and got settled into our room it was fine. We walked to the mall and shopped a bit. We ended up at Nordstrom's shoes and Anna had to have high heels- who's daughter is this? We headed back to the hotel to sleep and falling asleep was the second hardest part of our trip- she didn't want to go to bed. She was having too much on our 'girls only' weekend. 

Sunday morning she slept and slept. I had to wake her up close to 9 so we could get moving. We had a noon lunch date at the American Girl Doll Bistro. I wanted to get there early so we could get her dolls hair done at the AG Doll Hair Salon. We got moving and got to the mall in plenty of time and spent plenty of time at the AG store. Anna loved the Bistro and loved having the time with her dolls. It was really sweet and fun. We can't wait to take the boys there, next time. 

After the AG store we went on rides. I got so sick on the rides Anna ended up going alone for most of them. She was totally ok with that and had the system all figured out. 

After the rides she got her face painted and then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our big night- front row seats for Frozen on Ice- all thanks to daddy. She got her Anna dress on and her jewelry, tiara and boots. She was ready and excited. It was so much fun. The show was great and our seats were even better. We were just a few feet from the ice and the characters would wave right at us. It was a truly special evening with my sweet girl. I'll never forget it. 

Anna fell asleep crying on Sunday night that she didn't want to go home the next day. She was crying, "I want to stay for 5 more days." 

She slept in on Monday morning, again. We took our time and didn't get home until 7 on Monday evening. 

It was totally fun and doable. I honestly can't wait to take her again. She is so much fun and so easy going (most of the time). There was times where I was missing an extra adult- like moving into and out of the hotel room. We had to take 3 trips because she didn't carry anything. She can't wait to go again, with just us. I am certain she was loving every second of the one on one time. 

Thanks for the fun weekend, sweet Anna

Arriving at Nick Universe

So big and brave with Dora and Diego
(last time we were here she was too scared to go near them alone)

AG Bistro with Molly and Isabella

selfie at lunch


Dalmatian face painting

Ready for Frozen!


Me and my girl

front row!

Friday, April 10, 2015

church pictures

At church they have been asking all the members to take pictures for the updated directory for months. We kept putting it off, Jeff insisting we weren't going to do it. Then one day, I just called an made an appointment to have it done. When we arrived at the church the room was set up and all I could think of was the awkward family photos and now we were doing them ourselves. 

The kids had a great time posing and smiling so big their veins popped out (Isaac). It was totally fine until the guy asked Jeff and I to take pictures together and then the cheesiness was on thick. They had us posing in certain positions and we couldn't stop laughing. Oh boy. 

I'm happy we did it but I am more happy they are over. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Love 2015

This morning at roughly 6:45 Anna came running to my bed and snuggled into her spot between Jeff and I (totally normal). At about 6:50 Isaac stumbled into my room and found his spot on our bed right next to me on the edge of our bed. He wanted me to play his iPad with him and then as soon as he turned it on he said, "today's easter?!" We came to the living room to find Easter baskets packed with goodies and a little Easter egg hunt set up the kiddos. That was all done around 7 and then we got ready and went to 9:30am mass. After mass we went to Colton- our annual Easter activity. We are so grateful for Jamie (Mandy's sister) to invite us every year. We all have a great time. 

After lunch we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids were so into and loved it. Truly one of my favorite days of the year. They have a huge farm so the kids can roam and explore all afternoon. 

Happy Easter!

Isaac hunting

Anna found an egg

Easter 2015

celebrating with friends

Isaac had a birthday party with all the kindergarten boys on Saturday. There were 12 kids- including Anna. We had it at a new indoor entertainment place in town. They climbed a rock wall and did some mini golf. 2 hours of pure fun and chaos. The kids had a great time. Jeff and I were exhausted. 

Lucky #7! Isaac is so fortunate to have all his buddies at school.

Isaac climbing the wall

Anna climbing the wall

Isaac and his friends

sweetest girl

crazy kids!

loving the party!

Back to Brookings

With my mom in town and no school on Friday her request was the Children's Museum. Off went in 2 different cars. I took my kids and Capri while my mom, Suzie and Suzie's kids went together. The kids had so much fun all day long. Suzie and my Mom left around 2 and we stayed until 3:30 or so. It was fun and exhausting! 

Sully. Capri. Greta. Isaac. Anna

Me. Mom. Suz

Isaac is 7!

I believe the first couple of years with a child is very challenging and eventually when the kids get a little older you get your reward. Guess what? I have my reward. It's this amazing 7 year old kid. Yes, life is not perfect and my kids fight and we disagree on ordinary things. But overall, he is such a great kid. 

One of my favorite things about Isaac is watching him make the right decisions without being told what to do. For example, when organizing his class birthday party I asked him who we should invite and his response was, "we have to invite all the boys in my class so no one feels left out." I often see him including and encouraging a little classmate of his who tends to be shy and timid. He is always making sure he is in with the other kids playing and working. It is such a great feeling witnessing these actions. He also will come to me without saying word and just hug me and give me a few seconds of his day. Best moments ever.

I asked him if he wanted me to take him to lunch for his birthday or if he wanted me to come eat lunch with him at school- his answer was that he wanted me to come eat school lunch with him- because he didn't want to miss lunch recess. I get it. Anna and I joined him for lunch and it was so loud in there and the kids were having so much fun. Anna and I were over stimulated from all the noise. After he got done eating he told me it was time for me to go so he could go to recess. Off we went. I stayed in my car a few extra minutes to watch him head out for recess. He was so in his element out there at recess playing games with all of his friends ages kindergarten- 2nd grade. He hangs with them all.

After school we came home and had family over for dinner. His request was buttered noodles. So I made a noodle bar. 3 different kinds of noodles and 3 different kinds of sauce (spaghetti with meatballs, chicken linguini and butter). After dinner we opened presents and played. It was a great day!

Now we look forward to Tuesday when his birthday present arrives- in ground basketball hoop. 

Happy Birthday to one of the best! 

lunch at school

best neighbors chalk painted a birthday message

Family Birthday Picture