Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday, Oz!

celebrating with ice cream and lots of love for our old dog!

reading reading reading...

Most days in our home you will catch us reading. Jeff reading to the kids, me reading to the kids and Isaac reading to himself or Anna. Isaac is getting better and better everyday. It is so fun watching him figure this stuff out. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

valentine love

Sneaky Mr Valentine always strikes when we aren't expecting it. 

The kids and I got home and there was a big bouquet of flowers and yummy cookies! 

I love the flowers and we all love the cookies. 

It's been a nice quiet day around here- no plans. My favorite kind of day.

Happy Valentine's day to you!

Children's Museum

Anna has been asking to go to Brookings for weeks and with no school on Friday it was the perfect day. I have thought about taking her alone while Isaac is at school but he wanted to go, too. I told Suzie we were going and asked them to join us and they did. We loaded up the minivan and we were on the road shortly after 9- perfect. 

We played and played. Suzie and I took turns taking the kids when they went into different rooms. We tried to stay together the best we could. We broke for lunch and then back to play for a couple more hours before we came back to town. 

Our favorite places this time were the sports room, grocery store, big play room, farm, theater, weather desk, water room, ice cream shop, light bright, shadow room, and toddler room. 

When it was time to go Anna cried and cried. She wanted to stay for just a teensy bit longer. Tough stuff. She is planning on having her grandma banana take her when she gets home (hint hint, mom). She also wants her grandma Linda to take her this summer (hint hint, Linda). 

Another successful day at the museum!
on the road

picking carrots

grocery shopping

shooting hoops

forecast- cold and windy

taking orders

light bright play

fun kids!


best kids ever

Suzie and her best kids ever

big smiles!

Isaac's Valentine party

I was a helper at Isaac's Valentine party on Wednesday afternoon. It is such a good feeling walking into the room and when Isaac sees me for the first time he gets a giant warm smile. He is so happy to have me there. All the kids know me as, "Isaac's mom." Ahh, what a great name. We did a puppy love craft, they played Valentine Angry Birds, Minute to Win it and a snack. It went really well. The kids all laughed a lot- such a great day.  


Angry Birds

Minute to Win it

go Isaac!

Anna's Valentine Party

Anna's Valentine party was on Wednesday and it was fun and busy. Those kiddos are so fun and so busy. We did several activities including a snack, marshmallow games, crafts and more. When we left the party Anna said to me, "Mom, good job handling all those kids today at the Valentine party. Thank you so much for being at my party." My heart melted and all the hard work paid off. The kids had so much fun. 

robot juice box made by me

stacking hearts game

marshmallow transfer

marshmallow toss


dance party

Sunday, February 8, 2015

proud of ME

When I got this text from my sister in law it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was saying- when I figured it out I couldn't help but to get a few tears in my eyes.

My niece (1st grader) had to draw a picture of someone they trust and feel safe with- outside of their immediate family. She chose me. Lucky me. I do love that girl, so so much. 

I gave myself a nice pat on the back. 

It feels good when people take the time to give their appreciation. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rock Star Kid

I get awesome reviews about Isaac all the time. 

Today, I have an awesome review for Isaac. Jeff has been gone the last couple of days and Isaac has totally stepped up. Last night we got home late from a school meeting and I was in a hurry to get the kids to bed and he didn't skip a beat. He got home and got ready for bed and was sleeping in no time. 

Then this evening I was making dinner and he started setting the table and getting drinks and napkins out without me even having to ask. The kid just did it. Amazed. After dinner he noticed the garbage was full. I explained that tomorrow is garbage day so he went and emptied all the garbages and took them out. 

He rocks! 

little garbage man