Thursday, December 10, 2015

Las Vegas!

Whenever Jeff calls with a proposition for us to get out of town together- adults only, I do everything in my power to make it work! Those are some of our best times together. Just the 2 of us. 

He called a while back with dates for Vegas as he had to go for an Air Show Convention. His convention didn't start until Monday so we went on Friday to spend the weekend. We arrived late on Friday and spent the weekend hanging out together. We walked a ton- according to my phone 22, 000 steps on Saturday and 20,000 steps on Sunday! We also ate a good restaurants, shopped, tested our luck on the roulette table and I got to sneak in a massage while Jeff watched football. 

I came home on Monday and he came home on Wednesday- both of us so happy to be home in our happy little world. When I got home on Monday Isaac broke down in tears because Jeff wasn't with me. Broke my heart. 

We missed the kids like crazy. 

Christmas decorations at the Wynn- gorgeous 

Shopping and hanging

I was fascinated.